Glass 2.2 Gallon Cold Beverage Dispensers

Cold Beverages

Keep your guests refreshed and hydrated!


We offer cold lemonade, sweet ice tea, and water served in glass dispensers.  We include a rustic table.

Why Ty's?  Drink stations need to be actively watched and stocked.  Drinks go quickly, and having us take care of it all will be a huge help! 

$185 flat rate service fee

+ $1.50 per guest 

Serving Attendant Available

Watter bottles in a ice bath

Ceremony Water

Keep your guests cool and refreshed on hot days by adding bottled water to your chair rental.  We bring an ice bath with bottled water for your guests to take on their own before and after the ceremony.  We have two galvanized metal tubs that can sit near the chairs. The package includes galvanized tubs, bottled water, ice, and delivery.

$1.25 per guest