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The Coordination team at Ty's is outdoor wedding specific.  This means we focus on backyard, cabin, home, and farm weddings.


We know you're a bit more adventurous, DIY minded, family oriented and have many friends.  You got this. 


Our team thrives on your vision and unique plan for the wedding day.  Every weekend is unique and our experience serving outdoor weddings can help solve problems before they even happen.  Keep in mind typically we're also serving with many other rental items and services so the coordinator has vast support and knowledge compared to other coordinators.


When it comes to your wedding it's an open slate!  There are many options and typically there has never been a celebration of this size on the property!  Having someone in charge to make decisions and perform tasks besides yourself is key.  You or a family/friend is the venue owner and you don't have weddings every weekend.  We on the other hand are serving weddings every weekend at new locations and have a lot of experience!  We would enjoy sharing it!   


We Offer Two Options

The Vendor Coordinator is in charge of all the vendors you hire.  They contact your vendors the week of the wedding and is their new point of contact.  Once the wedding day arrives, the Vendor Coordinator meets each vendor and helps to ensure everything runs smoothly for them.  


Here is a quick list of just a few of the vendors our coordinator take care of.





-Shuttle Services





-Cake/late night food

How is it different from a day-of coordinator?

The Vendor Coordinator is not in charge of the wedding party, family duties, or performing decorating tasks.  We specifically want this person to be focused on the professionals that help make the big day a success.  Your Vendor Coordinator is skilled at problem solving and making great decision on your behalf.  We're experts in outdoor weddings and have your best interests in mind.    




The Day-Of Coordinator

The Day of Coordinator package is for those who know they would enjoy someone taking charge of the overall day.  The day-of coordinator is a professional you can trust to make decisions on your behalf and take charge of your very special day.


Your coordinator receives your plans and puts them into action while taking care of you, your family, and friends.  This package also includes vendor coordination.  The vendors will all be contacted the week prior so all details are finalized. 

One Month Prior  

You coordinator contacts you via phone call meeting and learns about your plans and will also have to-do items for you to accomplish.


5 Days Prior

  A second phone meeting which is about an hour long going over all the details, adjusting timelines, and solving problems.  We help walk you though the entire day. 


The Wedding Week

Vendor phone calls are made to confirm details, and the coordinator is available for questions via phone  or email. 


The Rehearsal 

The coordinator arrives two hours before the rehearsal to walk the property and to go over any changes in the day-of timeline and will observe or lead the rehearsal depending on your style.  Once the rehearsal is completed, the coordinator talks to key players to gather additional information.  

The Wedding Day

The big day has finally arrived, and the coordinator is there mid-morning through the evening.  The assistant coordinator arrives mid-afternoon and takes over in the evening after the lead has finished.  The coordinator works with vendors and key players to ensure tasks are complete.  Unforeseen issues are solved and family/guest situations taken care of.  Vendors are kept on schedule, and extra décor clean up duties performed at the end of the night.