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Vendor/Logistics Coordinator
"What are we forgetting"

Ty what are we forgetting is a common questions I answer.  Understandable because its the first time the couple and family have planning something so big on their property.  There are many moving parts and decisions to be made so it all happens with great success.  Then once the plan is set who will be in charge on the wedding day?


The vendor/logistics coordinator takes charge of all the vendors starting the week before the wedding.  This person contacts them and asks questions that the typical couple wouldn't think to ask.  We solve problems before they happen.  


Then on the wedding day the coordinator is there directing and solving any problems that come up.


The VLC talks with you about a month before the wedding asking for your day of timeline and going over the entire wedding day in regards to the vendors.  There may be some DIY items mixed in with the vendors and that where we make sure everything is covered.  It's very easy to forget small things.  Then become big on the wedding day.


Part #2

10 days prior to the wedding is when we go over all the vendor duties, timeline and questions.  Then 4 days before the wedding we contact every vendor to confirm their duties, timeline and questions.  


Part #3 

The wedding day has arrived at the VLC is on site taking phone calls and meeting vendors when they drive in.  We direct the vendor to their area and help with any concerns or questions they may have.  If there is an unforeseen issue that arises we help solve it as best we can without involving you.  We will talk with you if there is a major change of course. 


How is the package different from a day-of coordinator?

The VLC is not in charge of the wedding party, family duties, or decor duties.  We specifically want this person to be focused on the professionals that help make the big day a success.  Your Vendor Coordinator is skilled at problem solving and making great decision on your behalf.


Wedding Accessories

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