Rustic Edison String Lighting

Warm White Tent & Event Lighting

Edison & Globe Light Packages

Fill your tent with beautiful rustic lighting all evening long. 


What's the difference between Edison Lights and Globe String Lights?

The Edison style lights are installed along the perimeter of the tent.  The globe package uses twice as many lights and is installed from the sides of the tent up to the center poles and back down in a V pattern.  The lights themselves are smaller and have a vintage glow.

Edison String Lighting

We offer bright efficient LED Edison style string lights.  They have a black cord and warm glow LED lights inside the Edison bulb.  They're installed around the perimeter of the tent and give plenty of light for all the guests.  

Globe String Lighting

Add a bit of rustic globe lighting to your tent.  The globe lights will be installed from the edges of the tent up to the center poles, which will add more light to the center of the tent, and it looks amazing!  

This package is defiantly a high end option for those who want to make a dramatic yet elegant light display during the wedding reception.  

We would be happy to explain all the details that go into the globe package.  Talk to you soon!

Renting a light tower makes a night & day difference during the late night reception.

This portable light tower comes with four 1000 watt, high intensity flood lamps.  It will help to create a safe area for the wedding guests when the sun goes down, allowing them to make it safely to the restroom, their vehicles, or late night games!

Why rent a light tower?

The light tower package was specifically made because we noticed a common theme of poor lighting on the path to the parking area or directly outside of the main structure.  We wanted to help, and the tower really shines!  

Tiki Torches


Add ambiance and keep the bugs away with bamboo tiki torches that are set up around the property.  They are lit at sundown and burn through the evening.  Fuel is included with rental.   

Tiki Torches at a Wedding