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What size tent do I need?

Ask Us

This is the easiest option and we're more than happy to walk you through it.  Don't be shy.

Dance floor

The most common floor is a 16'x24' with us so that's 384 sq. ft.  You can have the head table on the floor and or the food line if space is getting tight. 


The bar is a small area but you need open space for guests to move around.  200 sq. ft. is nice.  You may also have desserts, water stations, coffee, gift tables taking up 70 sq. ft but an extra 30 sq. ft gives guests room to walk to and from the display.

Overwhelmed Yet?

Another way to look at it with our tent is to take a 20'x40' section which is 800 sq. ft and put the food line, displays, bar and possibly the dance floor in this area.  If there is not enough room with the figures above no worries we can tighten it up a bit. 

There are many other factors that determines the layout.  We're here to help 


Square ft. per guest. 

-Theater seating (in rows no tables)

6 sq/ft.

-Rectangle 8' tables w/8 guests 10.5 sq. ft

-Round 5' tables w/8 guests 13 sq. ft

-If you add 4-5 sq. ft to the numbers above you get extra wiggle room between guest tables. 

Food Line

Buffet dinners typically uses two 8' rectangle tables in a row.  If over 150 guests we suggest 4 tables.  Plan on 350 sq. ft.  If space is tight or the catering crew needs more prep area add-on our 20'x20' tent which also helps with guest flow. 

Wedding party

The most common wedding party size is 12 people.  This would take three 8' tables.  Everyone is sitting on one side of the table looking out to the guests.  200 sq. ft.  


Ways to save space

-Use rectangle tables verses round.

-Utilize the dance floor.

-Have an external bar or food serving area.

-Family style seating head table.

-Put desserts out when needed on the food line tables instead of having it set up early. 

-Or create more space by sizing up!  Sure the 40'x60' tent wedding package looks to be the one but who says you can't go up to the 40'x80'? 

Many do! 

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