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Frequently asked questions

We're here to help.  Message us your questions if not found here.

I'm considering having my wedding at home.  What do I need?

Our tent wedding package creates a venue on a property you choose.  It starts with the tent, lights, sidewalls, chairs, tables, and restroom trailer.  Once we help you pick a package size, the add-ons come next.  

If you ask what we're known for, the answer boiled down from our couples would be trustworthy.  Ease of working with us, communication, knowledge, great equipment, and helpful staff/services are other common words we hear.

You don't have to figure everything out on your own.  We're here to help.   

Tent Wedding Package

Wedding story which explains us.

I have a ceremony at a park and need chairs. 

Wonderful, we have a ceremony chair rental package that can be seen here! 

What does the restroom trailer require?

The restroom is 18' in length x 8' wide.  It requires a level surface for parking.  Two 15 amp power sources, and access to a water hose. 

We fill the internal tank then the hose goes away.  Power should be within 100' of the restroom.  We provide the cords. 

I'm having a small wedding and need a tent and equipment.

We have 20'x20' tents and if they're available two can be put together to make a 20'x40' space.  40 guests is a comfortable number.  Contact us for details.   

I don't know where to start or if the property will work for my wedding.  

You're not alone.  Many couples wish they could have a wedding on a home property but the unknowns make it seem out of reach.  

We enjoy listening to all your questions and concerns.  Then we give pointers and ask questions before visiting your property.

Contact Us. 

What services can I book without the Tent Wedding Package?  A LA Carte?

-Vendor Coordinator (All year)

-Dinnerware (Nov-May)

-Sound System (All year)

-Luxury Restroom (limited)

-Dance Floor (Nov-May)

-Ceremony Chairs (April, May, October)

Why do People Hire Ty's?

On the evening of Saturday September 9th 2023 the groom came up to us and wanted to chat.  He said everything has been amazing and they day has gone so well.  Then he explained the process of figuring out how to plan a wedding on his property.  It stated with thinking of local rental companies that he used in the past for equipment.  They had chairs and a few event items but it would take multiple vendors to provide everything.  He found other event rental companies but it just became overwhelming.

Then he found us and said yes, yes yes!  He said it seemed like we had it all figured out for a wedding on his property and took care of so much.  Then he called us on the drive home from work and the rest is history. 

Read our would you rather page!

Chairs and tables count?

They can change up to 10 days before the wedding so you only pay for what you need.  Going down in count is easy but going up may be difficult if all our equipment is booked to others. 

When does everything arrive?

The tent, lighting and tables are installed two days before the wedding.  Chairs could arrive with the tent, one day before or on the wedding day.  The restroom trailer, staff, dinnerware, generators, and other add-ons arrives on the wedding day.  Tear down is typically two days after the wedding. 

How far do you travel and when should I book?

Our service area is within 1hr of Stillwater MN.  We go further by special request.  Our couples book with us between 1.5 years to 2 months before the wedding. 

What's a common list of things you provide for a tent wedding?

The Tent Wedding Package is the minimum so it starts there.  Tent, sidewalls, lighting, chairs, tables, and the restroom.  Then it's very common that the dance floor, high top tables, linens, and trash cleanup services are reserved. 


Other services that are common (but not always needed depending on the location) would be power generation, dinnerware, fans, ceremony sound, and coordinator packages.

Do you rent equipment for barn weddings?

We sure do when available.  Typical rentals are chairs, tables, and the restroom trailer.  Learn more about barn weddings.

What is the cancellation Policy

It's very rare we have a cancellation.  The 25% deposit is non refundable.  You can cancel 6 months or less you owe another 25%. 

What's the booking Process?

-Contact us about the date.

-Ask all your questions.

-Have us send a quote.

-Invite us to visit the property for measurements and to approve it. 

-We say the property is approved or not.

-Finalize invoice.

-Sign the contract.

-Send a 25% deposit.

I'm looking for additional services you don't offer.

We work with many wonderful vendors and can give you recommendations.  If you want to go a step further we offer the vendor coordinator and food planner package which puts us in the drivers seat making sure all goes as planned. 

How did the business start?

The quick answer is we grew from small and humble beginnings with chair rentals at parks.  We would set up the chairs and then takeaway which made it super easy!  We enjoy sharing more of the story so just ask sometime soon. 

How is your content created?

The content you see on this site is created by Ty and his wife Alissa.  We don't use AI created content so what you see if from us. 

Learn more about our content creation.

Any other helpful info?


-About us.

-Check out our blog.

-Contact us.

-Tap the learn more about links for specifics in the Tent wedding package, and add-ons.  For example

*Learn more about tents

*Learn more about the restroom trailer

*Learn more about tables

*Learn more about coordination

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