Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you don't see a specific answer here we would enjoy talking to you!

How do I contact Ty's Wedding Rental & Services?

There are three ways. First go to the contact page and fill out our form with as much information as you can. Email us at Call us at: 651-734-3662

Is my wedding date available?

We're a unique wedding specific small business that serves 2-4 locations per weekend with many services and staff. We book up quickly. Please contact us for availabllity.

How far will you travel?

We're located near Stillwater Minnesota and typically serve the eastern metro and western WI. Our regular service area is with-in 15 miles of Stillwater MN. Our extended service area is with-in 35 miles. Depending on availability and services needed we have traveled farther than 35 miles.

Do you have a minimum service policy?

Yes, we're built as a mobile wedding venue providing many services at each location. We're quite busy each summer so our mimimum services in order to book at date is: One of the below is required: -Ceremony Chair Package -Tent Wedding Package -Barn/Shed Package -Restroom Trailer Thank you for understanding!

Do you set up?

Yes! All of our equipment includes setup which is wonderful!

What is the delivery schedule?

Please look at our specific delivery schedule page.

What is required to book the date?

If you wish to reserve tent services we will first need to confirm the property will fit the tent and other services before moving forward. A signed agreement form with a non-refundable 25% deposit. A property owners agreement form may also be required.

When is the final payment due?

By the Tuesday before the wedding.

Once I have booked can we adjust the guest count?

Yes, during our 10 day follow up email or phone call with you the final guest count is due. Items like chairs, tables, dinnerware can be adjusted down. Going up can be a problem as equipment might not be available. A updated invoice is created after the follow-up with a new balance.

What if there is poor weather for my ceremony?

This happens once in a while and that's why we ask you for a plan B. It's hard to know what the exact weather will be like until the evening before the wedding day. Park ceremonies typically still go on. Our staff is one site and wipes off the chairs before the guests arrive. Our sound equpment was disigned to operate in damp conditions.

Can I cancel or transfer my order?

It's rare this ever happens and the 25% deposit will not be refunded for any reason. We allow two transfers if needed but some services may not be available on the new date that is choosen. We must approve the new date before the transfer can be complete. The first transfer can be to a Friday, Saturday or Sunday if available. The second transfer can only be to a Friday or Sunday. Each transfer can jump to a date in the current year or the next year. No multiple year jumps. Transfers to other customers or locations are not valid.

Why is the essenitals package so popular?

We introduced these packages in 2019 as a way to ensure our couples were getting the core items. If you're at the start of the wedding planning process congrats! You probably are finding out building a wedding day from scratch is so fun but also there are many moving parts that need to happen. We take care of so much and the essentials is the first easy step to gather the items you need.

Do you come out to the property before we book?

Yes, for most locations that require a tent we enjoy coming to the property before the booking takes place. This visit not only allows you to ask many questions and see the potental layout but allows us to ensure everything will fit. There is no obligation to book services with us after a property visit.

How do you setup the chairs for the ceremony?

First we ask you a few questions about your guest count, front rows, aisle, decor items. Then we select a width of aisle. The chairs are brough in and either go in straight rows on average of 8 chairs wide per side with a total of 16 per row or we curve them for larger guest counts. The chairs are cleaned on site before the guests arrive. After the ceremony the chairs are taken away if at a park or used for the reception.

What size tent do I need?

Our tent essentials package is designed with comfort in mind. The best way to find out is by contacting us. We walk you through the wedding day asking questions that will impact the size of the tent.

Can the restroom trailer be operated without power and water?

The restroom trailer needs power and water to function but we have a off the grid package which supplies a quiet generator and water so it can be used in remote locations.

Does the restroom trailer come with supplies?

Yes it not only is stocked with guest care items but is also cleaned by our staff during the evening. Guests are very impressed!

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, we have flat rate delivery fees for our regular service area. Ceremony only services can range from $45-$75 becasue were on site the entire time. Full day services can range from $125-$525 depending on the services booked. Multiple trips are made for equipment, staff, and cleanup.

Do I need a coordinator?

DIY weddings at home typically means the couple enjoys planning most of the details. We don't think a full coordinator is needed for most. If you choose a day of coordinator package from us all your detailed planning is given to a professional on the day of your wedding. No one has complained about having a coordinator that's not family becuase they're so helpful! You're busy getting married and visiting with your guests so having a person in charge is a huge blessing. We also offer a vendor coordinator which is unique to TY's. This person is only in charge of your other vendors like catering, photography, video, sound, transportation and is a nice option for those who don't need the full day of coordinator.

Do I need generators?

You may as there are many items that require power. For example if you have a tent the lighting, sound system, restroom trailer, photo booth, catering equipment, fans. We offer a quiet power management package in which we: -Provide the generators -Set up the generators -Run power cords for all services needed -Work with any vendors who need power -On site during the wedding day monitoring they systems so you don't have to

Why is it important to have a Plan B?

It's common for couples to invision using the entire property on their wedding day. The problem comes when the weather is poor and now they're scrambling to put everything under the shelters. We suggest plan A is using the shelters for everything. That way when the weather is nice it's easy to move outside. It's very hard and creates unwanted stress to go the other way.

Is a budget important?

Yes, In marrage having a budget will be one of the key things you will work on. The hard part with wedding day's is that you have never done this before so you may have set a budget but are finding out you really want the added service of setup like we provide or other popular guest favor services like the restroom trailer. Here is a quick example of what can happen. I need: -Tent -Chairs -Tables -Restrooms -Catering =Budget Reality: -Tent w/sidewalls lighting -Chairs that are setup for you -Tables with linens -Luxury restroom instead of portable John -Catering with cleanup, real dinnerware -Power Generation -Day of Coordinator =More than budget now what? We strive to have the wedding day run smooth for you so don't skimp on things just to save a little bit and have your guests leave early because they're uncomfortable. Instead bring your guest count down or find creative ways to save. Our couples know that when the book with Ty's we take care of so much and the added service is way worth the cost. Visit our cost calculator for a quick estimate or call us for details.

Do you have any planning tips?

Start with a mission for the day. What is the reason for the day? Sounds simple but it can get pushed down with all the fluff. Listen to family and friends for their ideas and concerns. Talk as a couple about what's most important and what you can do without. Make a top 10 list of most important things you want to happen. Then as the day comes close cut items that are taking to much time. Delegate to others and trust them with the task. You don't want to micro manage everything. If you do plan on being overwelmed the Tuesday before the wedding. Use our organization packge to help you plan projects. Hire our Day of or vendor coordinator.

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