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Tent Wedding Package

The main rentals you need to host a wedding on your property are bundled in a beautiful package.  

40'x40' Tent

Quick Overview

The Package contains:

-High peak white pole tent

-Optional sidewalls.

-Bistro warm glow canopy lights.

-White padded chairs.

-Round or rectangle tables.

-Table linens. 

-Luxury Restroom Trailer

-Set up, take away, and staff.

Bridge and groom just married.jpg


White padded chairs.  Set up by us so you don't have to.  Used for the ceremony and reception.  Clean & comfy. 

Learn more & pictures

Girl sitting on a wedding chair

Table Linens

Lap length linens.  They come on a hanger in a plastic bag which means they don't need to be ironed.  It's recommended that you set them up late morning on the wedding day along with any table decor you may have. 

-8' rectangle tables use the 60"x120" linen.

-5' round tables use the 90" round linen.

White, Ivory, Beige, Black.

Learn more & pictures

Wedding Reception Round Table

Tent Sidewalls

Typically the sidewalls are never used but they're super helpful to block unsightly items, wind, and rain. If the temp drops, they help keep guests warm. They're installed by us only if needed on the wedding day.  

Learn more & pictures


Package Options

Please ask about our options

-Dance floor

-Tulle draped with the lighting

-Up lights

-Pipe frame for drape or lighting

-Trash bins

-Fans or heaters



These are additional rentals and services we offer that you may need or want.  Everything we offer has a purpose and is helpful. 

-Farm head table

-High tops

-Dinnerware & Water

-Power generators

-Sound system

-Coffee bar

-Makeup Artist

-Mosquito Fogging

Full list of add-ons and options.

Wedding head table

What do our couples think?

Our couples tell us that before they found us they were prepared to do most everything themselves and use multiple vendors.  Then once they dove deeper the reality hit.  This is quite the workload!


After finding us a huge weight was lifted because we already had it figured out in packages that cut the mental and physical workload for them.


Parents have told us they did it the other way for their first child.  The only way they would do an outdoor wedding again was if they hired us.  They know it's a blessing to have professional helpers.

Read about a wedding story here. 

Bride & Groom Overjoyed!

The Tent

We set up this impressive beautiful high peak pole tent a few days before the wedding.  It's sweeping peaks are clean and the wood side poles give it a rustic but elegant feel. 

-40'x40'  (Shown above)





Learn more & pictures

Tent reception in White Bear Lake MN


Rectangle 8' resin and/or round 5' tables.  Set up by us under the tent or around the property.  Final count isn't needed until 10 days before the wedding.

Learn more & pictures

Banquet tables under a tent

Tent Lighting

The warm glow of the vintage bistro strands are installed by us in a V pattern under the tent.  After the sun sets the lights can dim. 

Learn more & pictures

At night under the tent

Luxury Restroom

This is one of the items your guests will thank you for.  It's very clean, stocked with supplies, has AC, hot water sinks, and best of all, we're on site touching it up through the evening.  Learn more & pictures

Luxury Restroom Trailer 3 stall

You could Options

Think of a time you go over and beyond just because you were excited!  Add the extra scoop of ice cream!

-Day of coordinator

-Vendor coordinator


-Virtual planner

Planning a Wedding

Package Price

Let's recap.  Wonderful tent, warm lighting, sidewalls if I need them, chairs set up for me, tables placed how I wish with linens, luxury restroom trailer and attendant.

Tent Wedding Package price$.

Restroom and tent
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