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Who's excited to learn more about our Services?  Tap or click the links below to see the details.  

Bride & Groom Overjoyed!


Our comfortable and clean white resin chairs are used for the ceremony and reception.  We do all the set up. Included with the tent wedding package.
Learn about chairs.

White Resin Wedding Chairs

Luxury Restroom

This is a guest favorite!  Who doesn't like a clean, fresh, cool, and well stocked restroom?  

Learn about the restroom trailer.

Luxury Restroom Trailer 3 stall


-Virtual wedding assistant/researcher

-Day of coordinator

-Vendor coordinator

Learn about coordination.

Wedding Planner's Desk


Who wants to clean and iron linens before and after the wedding day?  We can take care of it by providing pressed linens that are lap length.

Learn about linens.

Wedding Reception Round Table

Musicians & Bands

Can you imagine how many weddings we have served at?  You can probably guess we hear some great performers!  There is nothing like it and we're here to help!




-Bands large and small

Wedding Band

Power Generators

The quiet power generator package is needed often for outdoor weddings.  Power requirements add up with tent lighting, DJ equipment, restroom trailer, hot beverages, and bands.  We take care of the setup, cords, and operation and monitor the generators on the wedding day.
Learn about generators.



Real dinnerware is strong, elegant, and creates less waste.  We set up the dinnerware, fill the goblets with water and then bus the tables.
Learn about dinnerware.

White dinner plate (2).jpg

Scandinavian Coffee

Here's the deal, Ty likes coffee and hot beverages and noticed how many forget or don't think it's important at a wedding.  We're asked often by the guests if there is coffee available.
Learn about the coffee bar.

Coffee bar

Mosquito Spraying

These little things can suck the joy right out of the day.  How about we come a few days before the event and spray the property.  It lasts for 15 days!

Mosquito Control.jpg


In development for 2025.  This rustic bar can be placed under the tent and holds 2 bartenders.  There will also be a bar back and shelves under the unit for supplies.  $450


What Next?

You may have quite a few questions and that's great!  Don't be shy contact us anytime.

-About us & real wedding story.


-Learn how content is created on this site.

-Our blog


Photo Booth Camper

High Peak Tents

We offer high end beautiful tents that were specifically picked for weddings.

Learn about the tents

40'x40' Tent


We offer many types of tables.  Included with the tent wedding package. 
-High tops
-Wood farm
Learn about tables.

Wood 7' farm table


Family and friends are so helpful with the preparations of the wedding.  When the day is actually here do you want them to continue working or sit back and enjoy?  We offer host services that let them take a breather. 

Table decor set up host.

Food serving host.
Learn about trash cleanup.

Table bussing

Dance Floor

Planning on turning up the music?  The dance floor has a clean smooth surface for your guests to let loose!  The transition edges make it easy to walk on and off.  Over 120 guests? We suggest 16'x24'.

Learn about the dance floor.

Dance floor under a tent


Lighting additions help guests navigate the property, set the evening mood, or highlight important items.
Learn about lighting.

At night under the tent

Makeup Artist

Our team comes right to you in the morning.  They work hard getting the look just right and have all the professional products and gear.  You can sit back, relax, and chat with family and friends who are also getting ready!  Contact us to learn more.  

Putting concealer on

DIY Pro Sound System

Our DIY wedding sound package has powerful professional speakers and wireless mics.  We set up the equipment, and then you run the music.
Learn about the sound system.

Mixing System

Chair Transition

Who is going to move the chairs from the ceremony spot to the reception area?  Who will move tables after dinner and reorganize the space so it feels more relaxed and open?
Learn about chair & table transitions.

Girl sitting on a wedding chair


The large 30" fans explain themselves!  Cords and set up included. 


Outdoor Fans

20'x20' Tent

The 20'x20' tent is white and has a high peak like it's big brother tent.  It's used for food service, a bar, lounge area and sometimes a get ready tent!  Lighting and walls are optional.
-20'x20' Tent $675
-20'x40' Tent $1,250

20x20 Tent

Wine Barrels

Our wine barrels add a rustic feel and are at the perfect height for guests to take a program, place cards, sign the guest book, or as a cocktail table.  

Wine barrel.JPG

Staff Services

Chair Transition

Trash Cleanup

Coffee Bar

Makeup Artist

Mosquito Fogging

Property Visit

About Us

We enjoy being helpful!  Please tap or click on the rental or service to learn more.  We're a mobile venue and the Tent Wedding Package is the most popular starting point.

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