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Wedding Chair Rental

We're excited to offer chair rental that's so easy.  We travel to the wedding location and then set up the chairs however you wish.  Rows of chairs are in straight lines or a slight curve.  We also have a park and venue ceremony chair package. 

Wedding Chairs

Our white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.  They're a clear sign to the guests that they have found the ceremony!  We them up how you wish!  Straight lines are the most common but we can also do a curve.  7-12 rows is the sweet spot for a ceremony.  $4.75/chair


The Reception

After the ceremony do the chairs get used for the reception?  Of course they do!  Their shift doesn't end until all the guests have gone home.  But how will they move from the ceremony to the reception?

Wedding Reception Round Table


Don't lift a finger it's our job to clean-up.  If you dropped a cupcake on a chair then by all means clean it off.  If you don't we will clean it and laugh a little wondering who didn't get their cupcake. 


Set Up Included

Think about it for a minute.  Ty's not only deliver but also set up.  You would think putting chairs in rows is easy.  Well it's a good workout but if you want it to look professional then it's good your renting from us. 

White Resin Wedding Chairs

The Transition

There are three camps out there.  The first wants their guests to do some work by bringing their chair to the reception space.  The second is fine with family or the goofing off groomsman to do the work.  The third wants Ty's team to get back to work.  Learn more about the transition add-on. 


Other Chairs

We picked the white resin chairs w/soft pad because they look wonderful, are comfortable, portable for transport and transitions, weatherproof, more surface area so they don't sink into the grass, and are durable.  If you're looking for Cross back or Chiavari chairs please reach out. 

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