White Chairs
Comfortable seating

The ceremony is our favorite part of the day!  Our chairs get a front row seat to the start of something very special.  

They're strong and look wonderful, replicating classic wooden chairs.  They have a soft pad for guest comfort.


Full-Service Wedding Chair Rental

  We do the heavy lifting, meaning family and friends can relax and enjoy the day without breaking a sweat.


100 guest minimum


Ceremony in Lowell Park, Stillwater, MN

Ceremony Wedding Chair Story 

If you read the "About" page, you will learn that Ty's started out only serving park ceremonies.  We would rent, deliver, and set up our white resin chairs (and we still do).  The ceremony is our favorite part of the day.  Our simple but important task is to provide and set up clean chairs for all the wedding guests to use. 


We're usually the first on location, and shortly the space is transformed so anyone passing by knows a wedding is about to happen.  Soon the wedding party arrives, laughing, joking, and having a great time.  In the distance, the bride and groom are sharing their first look while the photographer captures the special moment.  Mom and Dad are trying to keep it together as they remember all the years raising their child and how happy they are for them on this special day.


One by one, the guests start arriving and the nerves of the moment rise!  It's time!  Everyone is quiet as they witness a once in a lifetime event between the couple.  Just like that, we hear cheers, and we know the commitment is complete!  The chairs performed their short but very important task.


Please visit our blog for more real stories and additional useful information.

Vintage Wedding Ceremony Table

Ceremony Table

Do you need a small table for your ceremony?  We offer an old fashioned, white wood table that would be perfect for programs or a sand ceremony.  It would also work well as a decorative table for your reception - great for photos of loved ones, the guestbook, or part of the dessert display.

Wedding Ceremony Bottled Water


Keep your guests cool and refreshed on hot days by adding bottled water to your chair rental.  We bring an ice bath in two galvanized metal tubs with bottled water for your guests to take on their own before and after the ceremony.  The package includes tubs, bottled water, ice, and delivery.

Wedding Ceremony Arch


Add the simple yet elegant white arbor to your ceremony as a backdrop for the bride and groom.  You can add flowers, tulle, or anything that accents your wedding style.  Click here for some ideas on how to decorate it.


Sound & Power

Our QSC speakers will project crisp sound for all the guests.  The sound mixer can host multiple inputs such as voice, vocals, instruments, and MP3s. We deliver, set up, and run the system during the ceremony.  We also offer a generator for rental if your ceremony is in an area where there is no power available.

Wedding Ceremony Shepherds Hooks

Shepherd's Hooks

Line your aisle or a walking path with our black shepherd's hooks.  They are sturdy metal with a twisted design along the rod.  They stand 39" tall from the ground up, and you can rent up to ten.

Wedding Videography


Do you want a simple but professional video of your ceremony?  We offer a raw videography package.  Using a high quality HD 1080p camera, we capture your ceremony and give you the raw footage afterwards.  We do not edit or add any music or effects.