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Tent, Park & Venue Chair Rental

We're excited to offer ceremony chair rental that's so easy.  We travel to homes, parks, and venues of your choosing, and then we set up the chairs however you wish.  Rows of chairs are in straight lines or a slight curve.  Once the ceremony has finished we start the cleanup process.

Wedding Chairs

Our white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad are comfortable and clean.  They're a clear sign to the guests that they have found the ceremony!  We them up how you wish!  Straight lines are the most common but we can also do a curve.  7-12 rows is the sweet spot for a ceremony.



A few hours before the ceremony is when we arrive with our vehicle.  If you have the tent wedding package the chairs will arrive a few days prior or on the wedding day.

White Truck Parked Nearside


An hour or so before the ceremony is when the chair setup just about done.  The guests will start flowing in 30-45 minutes prior. 

Allie&Steve-Ceremony (38).jpg


Ceremony chair package 150 or less guests:

-Flat rate $850

Ceremony chair package 151 or more guests:


Tent wedding package & barn weddings:



10 Days Prior

Roughly 10 days before the wedding is when we message you.  During our chat we will confirm the guest count, chair layout and placement, and ceremony start time along with a few more details.  The final payment is due by Tuesday.   

Mobile Phone

Set up

Once we arrive it's common to meet with a coordinator or family member.  We see the exact spot where the couple will be standing and then start setting up the chairs as discussed during our chat 10 days before.  Tweaks to the plan are just fine.


Tear Down

After the ceremony has completed it may take the guests a little while to move out of the area.  We wait until they move so we don't disturb the guests.  Then tear down takes place and soon all the chairs are packed up.  How nice you or your family doesn't have to lift a chair!  The tent wedding package chairs move to the reception.


Popular locations

Pioneer Park Stillwater, Prestwich Golf Club Woodbury, Lowel Park Stillwater, White Eagle Golf Club Hudson, Matoska Park White Bear Lake, Silverwood park St. Anothony, Thompson County Park West St. Paul, Highland Hills Ski Area, Bloomington, Hyatt Regency Bloomington, Como Zoo St. Paul, Charleston event center white bear lake.    

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Allie&Steve-Ceremony (38)
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