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Where to Begin

Welcome!  Lets help point you in the right direction, and learn about us along the way.

I'm building a wedding from scratch on a property and need a tent and many items. 

This is our main service!  Our tent wedding package creates a venue on a property you choose.  The package starts out with a few big items, and then you can choose add-ons.


We're not just there for setup and take down because we're also serving in many ways on the big day.  Tent Wedding Package

Tent Wedding

I don't need much, just one or two services. 

We're happy you checked in with us but the couples that book our tent packages have access to all the services.  The luxury restroom trailer can be rented on its own when available.  In the winter months, our sound system, dance floor, and dinnerware services are available.   We're not the best fit if you just need small amounts, like 25 chairs or 8 tables.


I have a special event.

There is a chance we could be available mid-week for a business meeting, ground breaking, on site production, movie set location, or other gathering.  Please reach out with questions. 


I'm looking for additional services you don't offer.

Our focus is providing the details, big equipment, and support you need in order to have a venue at home.


We work with all the other vendors you will need and coordinate if that add-on is booked. 

We don't offer catering, decorations, florists, DJ's, shuttle buses, bartenders, photo booths, cakes, photographers, or videographers, but we're happy to give recommendations.

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I'm curious.  What's a typical list of things you provide for a wedding?  

It starts out with the Tent Wedding Package.  Tent, sidewalls, lighting, chairs, tables, and the restroom.  Then it is very common that the dance floor, high top tables, linens, and trash cleanup services are reserved. 


Finally other services that are common (but not always needed depending on the location) would be power generation, dinnerware, golf cart, fans, ceremony sound, reception layout, and coordinator packages.

Add-on guide. 


Why do People Hire Ty's?

On the evening of Saturday September 9th 2023 the groom came up to us and wanted to chat.  He said everything has been amazing and they day has gone so well.  Then he explained the process of figuring out how to plan a wedding on his property.  It stated with thinking of local rental companies that he used in the past for equipment.  They had chairs and a few event items but it would take multiple vendors to provide everything.  He found other event rental companies but it just became overwhelming.

Then he found us and said yes, yes yes!  He said it seemed like we already had it all figured out for a wedding on his property and took care of so much.  Then he called us on the drive home from work and the rest is history. 

We enjoy it when couples reach out and say my goodness you are going to make our lives and planning so much easier! 


I'm planning a wedding ceremony at a local park.

Wonderful!  Our ceremony chair package takes care of it because we not only bring the equipment but set it up!  Ceremony Chair Package


I would like to have a celebration of life service at my home.

We have a wonderful package that helps make it possible.  Celebration of Life Package


I would like a tent by itself without the package. 

We're so glad you're checking in with us, but we may not be the best fit as our tent wedding package is the minimum.  The package comes with a tent, lighting, sidewalls, chairs, tables, and the luxury restroom trailer.  If we split up the equipment among different weddings, we would no longer be able to offer the full tent wedding package to couples.    

We hope you consider it though!  It's super helpful and makes our couples work load much easier. 


I'm up for hiring all the help I can use for my wedding.

You don't want to be bogged down with so much work that you end up not enjoying your wedding or all the guests you invited.


Want even more free time and less worry?  Ask about our new day of coordinator package and our current vendor coordinator package.  Coordination Package

Wedding Decorations

I don't know where to start or if the property will work for my wedding.  

You're not alone.  Many couples wish they could have a wedding on a home property but the unknowns make it seem out of reach.  

We enjoy listening to all your questions and concerns.  Then we give pointers and ask questions before visiting your property.

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