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Celebration of Life at Home Package

The Celebration of Life Package has six items that create a welcoming tent venue on your property.  We travel to you, setup everything, and serve.  The items below come with the package.

#1 The Tent

The first item is the white high peak 40'x 60' pole tent.  It blocks the elements and keeps guests cool during the summer months.  The side poles are a wonderful pine that gives the tent a rustic but elegant feel.   Tent page.


#3 Chairs

Our white resin chairs are comfortable and clean.

We setup the chairs around the tables.  140 chairs are included. 


#5 Trash Bins & Cleanup

It's a good bet food and drinks will be available for everyone that comes.  We bring 3 large trash bins with bags and also walk around with bus bins cleaning up after the guests.  At the end of the celebration we take the trash with us. 



$7,550 which includes all the wonderful services above with setup, day of staff and tear down. 


Your Helper

Simply put, having a celebration of life at home takes some work, is not common, but is one of the best ways to celebrate someone you love!  Typically the property we serve was the home of the late family or friend.  The property itself has so much history with the guests.  It's truly much more special and relaxed then what you're used to.  We try to make it easy by taking care of the big items so you can enjoy!

Tap or click to read the story below.

Mary's Celebration of life


Farm Field

#2 Tables & linens

The guests will enjoy food and conversation around the 5' tables.  We may also place a few tables outside of the tent.  17 round tables are included.  Food, drinks, and displays also need a place and that why we also provide 3 rectangle 8' tables.  White linens are placed on the tables and are lap length.   Table Page


#4 Sound System

Our high powered sound system has two speakers, wireless mic and option for you to play you're own music (via plug in a tablet, phone, laptop).  We set it up and then monitor the volume when family and friends have special words to say.  It's an honor for us to hear these stories as well. 


#6 Luxury Restroom

The luxury restroom trailer will be a gift to everyone.  Three separate locking rooms are air conditioned or heated and are cleaned and restocked by our staff during the day.  Additional pictures on the restroom trailer page.  Restroom Page



We truly enjoy serving!  There may be other equipment you wish to have.  For example high top tables, water service, coffee bar, fans to name a few.

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