High Peak Tents
The Shelter

The wedding tent is one of the focal points on the big day.  This is where all your guests will be catching up with friends and family they haven't seen for months or years. 


We feel that having tents that are sized correctly, clean, comfortable, and properly equipped is key to a very successful wedding day. 


We would enjoy being your guide on what to expect with a tent, the elements, and logistics involved so it's a big success.  Ask us anything!


Example of comfortable guest level amounts per tent. 

40'x40' up to 100 guests

40'x60' 140 guests

40'x80' 220 guests

40'x100' 300 guests

Available with our Packages

Tent Wedding Package

Mini Tent Package

Barn Wedding Package

40'x80' High Peak Tent
Head Table
Table cleanup host
Head Table on Dance Floor
Looking at the guest tables
Globe String Lighting
Round 5' Table
Social Hour
Dance Floor
Side view 40'x80' Tent
Tent Sidewalls Open
40'x40' Tent
Ceremony under the tent
Pine wood side poles
Cleanup Host

A Tent Reception Story That Was A Dream Come True

 One of many stories we can share happened at a cabin home north of St. Croix Falls, WI.  There was not a town or gas station for miles.  The bride grew up going to this cabin and always dreamed of having a wedding there.  Over 200 guests were expected to come, and the entire immediate family was super excited to help make the big day happen.  A year before the wedding day, we traveled up to the location to take measurements and talk about the layout of the tent and wedding plans.  They said that we were the only rental company willing to come out and serve at their cabin.

A year later they not only meticulously prepared the property but went all out decorating the tent after we set it up on Thursday.  Extra lighting, drapery, special wood signs, decor, and much more.  They had a professional building construction blueprint for all items under the tent.  We got to meet and serve all the most important people in their lives!  Visit our blog for additional real stories and ideas.