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What are we all about?

Ty's Wedding Rental & Services had a blast serving outdoor weddings in 2023!  One couple in particular had their wedding in June and you can see them in the first picture below.  They're the reason for the day, and my goodness they had fun!  The second picture shows the people that are most dear to them.  Family and friends gathered for this once in a lifetime occasion.  The third picture took place shortly after the ceremony and everyone is relaxing.  Can see the house back there?  This is where the bride's family lives.  She dreamed about her wedding and always thought having it at home would be so cool!  It's familiar, safe, relaxed, already has so many memories, and is one of her favorite places on earth.  

We're also in those pictures.  Not us personally, but once you look beyond the bride, groom, and guests, you will see our work.  The beautiful tent, string lighting, chairs, tables, linens, and luxury restroom trailer.  On the wedding day, we're in the background setting up chairs, bussing tables after dinner, cleaning the restroom trailer, and
putting on tent sidewalls.  We visited the property months before to help the couple plan.  We offered our Tent Wedding Package which takes care of all the main rentals.  Then they wanted some add-on services.  Once the day was close we set up the package and came back on the wedding day to ensure all was well.  The couple is now down in Texas months into their first year of marriage.  We're honored to have been a part of the very beginning of their journey. 

We always get compliments on our equipment.  What's even better is when we hear how wonderful it was having us there on the wedding day.  Not just Thursday (setup) and Monday (tear down).​
They tell us how easy we made it by setting up all the chairs for the ceremony, putting up the sidewalls when needed, cleaning the restroom, and being available for random questions and pointers. 
One of the best parts of our job is serving on the wedding day and hanging out with your family and friends!  More details about us.  Our Blog.

Learn more about our Tent Wedding Package.   

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Wedding guests playing games
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