Building Marriages One Weekend at a Time! 

About Us

Our mission is help couples have the best first moments of marriage and launch them into a lasting marriage!
We do that by communicating well, being experts, having the best equipment, and serving our couples like we're family.
Our employees are the #1 asset we have.   

We are a family owned small business focusing on outdoor weddings.  We have fun, enjoy hard work, enjoy people, and are in business to help build great marriages! 

The wedding day is your biggest celebration!  We're here to be your helping hand so that you can focus on the prize: marriage to the person you have committed to for life.  We encourage all of our customers to plan for their marriage during wedding planning.  It takes time, courage, and a life-long desire to serve the other person and not focus on your own happiness.  We hope you're up for the challenge!

How is Ty's unique?

Guess what?  Ty and Alissa the owners had a wedding on the family farm!  Some questions you may ask.  Should we have the wedding at the family property?  Is it even possible?  What is needed, and are we up for all the work ahead? 


What if you had a rental and service company that would visit with you on the property before you decide to have the wedding at the location?  That's what we do and we love site visits as they open your eyes to see a realistic view of what is all needed and how the property will accommodate it.  During the visit we talk about the services we could provide, what's all involved and what you need to do.  We supply, set up, coordinate, and serve the entire wedding day with a goal of making it a huge success!


Just think, if you hire us to serve on your wedding day the people who set the chairs, put down the dance floor, monitored the power generators, ran the sound system for the ceremony also has team members who coordinate.  We work as a team, making sure all aspects of your wedding day run smoothly!

Turning a Wedding Vision into Reality

We take care of the major items involved in having a huge celebration on your own property so that your dreams of having a wedding on location become a reality!  Brides and grooms enjoy our all-in-one services, communication style, flexibility, knowledge base, and professionalism.      


10 reasons Brides and Grooms like working with us:

1.  We are small, personal, and specific.  

2.  Our staff enjoys their job and looks forward to every unique wedding day.

3.  We offer almost everything you need = 1 vendor, not multiple.   

4.  We are built on a vision of creating a unforgettable wedding day and lasting marriage to follow!

5.  We will know the schedule and details of the wedding day almost better than you will.

6.  We believe in strong marriages and want to help you start out with a big celebration.

7.  We are very flexible.

8.  Outdoor weddings are our focus.

9.  We have high quality equipment and service.   

10. We enjoy communicating well.


Our Story

Husband and wife team, Tyler and Alissa, started the business in 2013 with only a van and 160 wedding chairs.  They drove all over the Twin Cities serving at park ceremonies.  The business has expanded a great deal over the past years, and they thank God for the continued success.  They believe in strong traditional marriages and try to bring a positive, encouraging light to each wedding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is one of the best parts about serving at so many weddings?

A: It's always an honor serving at the ceremony because it's the most important part!


Q: What do you do in the winter?

A:  We may serve in the winter at venues and other locations, but our main efforts are focused on booking for the coming year and developing new services.  The family farm and other ventures also keep us busy. 


Q: How old are the boxes?

A:  You may see our chairs coming in packs of 4 in their rustic original boxes.  People are amazed that some of them are 5 years old.  Little bit of duck tape goes a long way...


Q: What do people procrastinate about?

A1: Figuring out the ceremony timeline and song choices.  

A2: Cleaning up the property or starting/finishing yard projects.


Q: What is the one single piece of planning knowledge you could give to all?

A:  Delegate tasks and put people in charge.  If it's just you planning and overseeing everything, then expect your wedding day title to be manager rather than bride or groom.


Q: Do you have any other ideas for the bride and groom?

A:  Have a send off at the end of the night.  Get out before the party ends so your friends and family can wish you well!  The reason for the celebration is the both of you, so why stay and clean up?  End on a high note and have a great marriage!