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Ty's Wedding Rental & Services LLC

About Us

Our mission is help couples have the best first moments of marriage and launch them into a lasting marriage!

We are a family owned small business focusing on outdoor weddings.  We have fun, enjoy hard work, enjoy people, and are in business to help couples take advantage of home properties as the wedding location! 

The wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations in life!  We're here to be your helping hand so that you can focus on the prize: marriage to the person you have committed to for life.  We encourage all of our couples to plan for their marriage along with the wedding.  It takes time, courage, and a life-long desire to serve the other person and continue to grow together until the very end.  We hope you're up for the challenge!

Did you know Tyler and Alissa the owners had a wedding on the family farm!  Some questions you may ask.  Should we have the wedding at the family property?  Is it even possible?  What is needed, and are we up for all the work ahead?


Tyler remembers after the proposal there were so many questions from family and friends.  Mostly he said not sure!  Who knows, never thought of that yet.  It can be overwhelming to say the least.  Having Ty's Wedding Rental and Services guide you can take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.   


What if you had a rental and service company that would visit with you on the property before you decide to have the wedding at the location?  That's what we do and we love site visits as they open your eyes to see a realistic view of what is all needed and how the property will accommodate it.  During the visit we talk about the services we could provide, what's all involved and what you need to do.  We supply, set up, coordinate, and serve not only prior to the wedding but on the day with our Tent Wedding Package. 


Just think, if you hire us to serve on your wedding day the people who set the chairs, put down the dance floor, monitored the power generators, ran the sound system for the ceremony also has team members who coordinate.  We work as a team, making sure the aspects we're in charge of run smoothly. 

Turning a Wedding Vision into Reality

We take care of the major items involved in having a huge celebration on your own property so that your dreams of having a wedding on location become a reality!  Brides and grooms enjoy our all-in-one services, communication style, flexibility, knowledge base, and professionalism.     

We hear it quite a bit from our couples, family or guests of how helpful we are and knowledgeable.  We love hearing that because that's one of our goals!  We know what it takes and truly want it to go well.  

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Our Story

Husband and wife team, Tyler and Alissa, started out setting up white chairs for wedding ceremonies at area parks and doing photography for a few weddings.  The business has expanded a great deal over the past years, and they thank God for the continued success.  They believe in strong traditional marriages and try to bring a positive, encouraging light to each wedding. 

We have three kids: Vera (5), Miles (3), and Opal (1).  They're a huge blessing, and although you think planning a wedding is a bit crazy, you will find that having kids is a whole new level of crazy in a good way!

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