ceremony sound

Having a great sound system during the ceremony is key because using a friend's low-powered system may mean that your guests won't be able to hear your vows.  Our QSC speakers will project crisp sound for all the guests.  The sound mixer can host multiple inputs such as voice, vocals, instruments, and MP3s. We deliver, set up, and run the system during the ceremony.


Live Music

Having a live performer elevates the ceremony and we have vocal, violin and guitar packages that you will enjoy!

This is cool Hybrid Reception

First what is the hybrid reception package?  Typically there are three types of receptions we see.  Full band, DJ and DIY music with your own system.  

Our package is in between a DJ and DIY. 


Ty's Supplies:

-2 High powered speakers.  Sub package available.  

-Wireless mic for speeches

-Music/mic input mixer to speakers



-iPad for playing the music

-Setup/Take down

-Staff monitoring the system

You supply:

-Playlists and songs "Spotify premium account"  Then downloaded to our tablet.  

-A person operating the tablet and being your MC.  AKA switching songs, introductions, speaking.

-One 20 amp dedicated outlet or add our power management package.  


Please ask for more details about this exclusive "Ty's Hybrid Reception Package."  



Q: What do you mean when you say staff monitoring the system?

A: Once the system is setup we walk your MC through the tablet and how to operate the mic and volume.  We stand by monitoring from a distance the volume levels and will instruct the MC if changes need to be made.  The equipment is quite expensive so all setup is done by us.  Our staff is also performing other duties related to different services we offer.


Q: Can I use my own tablet, computer or phone with Spotify or other service?  

A: No, the main reason is because we want everything to go smooth.  Using our equipment is best as we have it fully set to go.  We don't want text messages or any other app making a sound over our speakers which would disrupt your guests. 


Q: Why Spotify? 

A:  Because it's easy and reliable.  We require you to have a premium subscription which is about $10/month and you can cancel after the wedding day.  It allows you to create playlists from the freedom of home and then a few days prior to the wedding we ask for a temporary username and password so we can download the songs to our tablet for you to use.  

Q: Why doesn't Ty just let us use a business Spotify account?

A:  There is no such thing as of yet.  We can't purchase a personal account and use it for business.  We can allow you to use our tablet with your account info as we're not providing the music, you are.  Then after the wedding day is compete we log out and are not able to use the account again.  

Q:  Why can't the staff member of Ty's who is monitoring play the songs for us?  Just for the intro and first dance?  

A: That would be DJ's duty and would increase the price quite a bit.  If our operator was at the controls your guests and family would assume that person is the DJ.

Q: Why is it a separate charge for ceremony sound services?

A:  Because not everyone needs reception sound from us if they have a band or DJ.  Our ceremony services include a sound operator.  Once the ceremony is over the equipment is moved to the reception space so the extra charge covers the staff members time and equipment switch over.  

Q: Why did you invent the hybrid reception package?

A: Because we saw first hand how many couples want to have a little more casual dance time without a DJ making them dance all night.  We also noticed how people would use really bad systems they had at home.  A few times we have seen uncle so and so's 1980's system that he said sounded great!  For example why do we love seeing a movie at the theater?  The huge picture, sound, popcorn, comfy seats, friends?  If you relate that to the reception sound experience the difference can be great!


Q:  What is the main benefit to using this service over my family and friend who will do it for free?

A:  Quality!  We're paid to have high quality and powerful equipment for the job, we're also paid to be on time and do all the setup for you.  Honestly, it gets tricky when using family or friends as may get few surprises on the wedding day.  We serve weekly and have the tips to help you make it a huge success!         

Full service DJ

Planning for the reception music is fun!  A DJ, band, or your own playlist are just some of the options. 

We work with many DJs and help partner you with the correct one.  We serve at weddings all summer and listen and observe each DJ during our nightly duties.  This helps us select who would be best.

Why Ty's? Communication is critical, and we not only help in this area but also the logistics of set up, power, timelines, and more. 



A Sound system story

 Last summer we had the opportunity to help make a logistically challenging wedding ceremony and reception a reality!  It started with a couples dream to have there day revolve around railroading.  They wanted a 1930-40's vibe in the location details and attire.  They found a railroad in western WI that gave tours in vintage railroad cars.  They also desired to have a rustic off the path ceremony.  Next they found us and we toured the depot location and pending ceremony site.  

Their idea was to leave the depot and ride the train with the guests for 45 minutes.  Then the train would drop off the guests and wedding party at an old siding with open grass for the ceremony.  We needed to setup the sound system and power it with our quiet generator in almost the middle of no where.  As the train parked and guests came down we welcomed them.  After the guests had taken a seat we walked into the train car where the bride and groom were waiting and said are we ready?


We went back to the sound board and started the first song.  We cued the day of coordinator on when to start letting them go.  The groom power walked along the tracks as he was really excited and read to go!  The bride and her father took their time and talked a bit as it was a long walk to where the guests were seated. 


The officiant used our wireless mic and had a great message about strong marriages.  The train unhooked from the cars and moved along the side track as the ceremony was underway.  Our powerful speakers were clear even with the extra noise for a moment.  The groom was chocking up during his vows as the bride comforted him.  It was a special moment and once the pronouncement of the couple was made the guests cheered and the train horn blasted echoing around the hillside.  It was one of those goose bump moments!  

Everything had gone to plan for the ceremony and now the guests were back on the train where they would return to the depot and enjoy the reception in the open air of the station platform.  We were there as well with the hybrid reception sound package.  At the end of the night both the bride and groom couldn't believe it all worked out so well.



Speaking event

PA Rental

Business Meetings

One of our business services includes providing a powerful sound system for speaking events, presentations, business meetings, lectures, seminars, and much more. 

We not only provide quality equipment, but our talented staff operates and monitors everything.  Please contact us with your specific requests.  Thank you!

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