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Reliving Memories - Celebration of Life

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Celebrating the life of a passed loved one can be difficult to setup and put together while still keep the memory of your loved one special. However, Ty's Wedding Rental allows you to host at the location of your choosing. We bring the supplies and services to you so you can celebrate at any special location. You can be closer to your loved ones by connecting over a place filled with emotions, nostalgia and sentimentality. One such occasion was Mary P.......... Celebration of Life at her very own home.

The memories come flooding back as the breeze flows up from the crystal-clear lake and the fresh smell of

nature brings the comfortable warmth of nostalgia.

The guests of Mary's Celebration of Life smile as they set their eyes on their loved one’s home. They look down at the lake and can almost see Mary still skiing to her heart's content, with no amount of age being able to stop her.

The guests finish walking down the slope, into the backyard where the celebration is being held. They see familiar faces and ones that had been forgotten, but being reunited brings everything back. There are friends and family, brothers and sisters, parents and children that have all come to give one last goodbye to Mary and to remember all that she has done for them.

The fresh food is brought out, and the conversation moves to the tables, filling more memories and stomachs in the process. Laughter rises up from the crowd while people reconnect and meet new people who have a common connection: knowing and loving a dear friend who is now finally resting in heaven with their God. They remember Mary’s enthusiasm and her restlessness that may have caused some problems, but also gave so many solutions.

Once the meals are mostly finished, and the dishes cleared, speakers walk to the front and face everyone.

The chatting quiets down and peaceful silence overcomes the crowd as ears perk up and hearts tune in. The speakers begin talking about fond memories that they had with Mary and the guests smile and murmur in agreement with tears sparkling in their eyes. Some remember the events that the speakers share, but many learn something new about their friend and get to know about who she was, even more.

People laugh and cry, but the memories keep coming as they share this special moment with each other.

This moment wouldn't be the same anywhere else, and it's just so wonderful that they can experience it at Mary's own home.

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