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Wedding Chairs 101

Welcome to Ty's Wedding Rental and Services! A common theme when couples and family members are researching chairs is that they don't quite understand the differences. They notice prices are low for some and higher for others, but they don't make sure that they are comparing apples to apples. What is the difference?

Ceremony wedding chairs

Let's talk chairs today and help you make the best decisions. Starting at the basics, chairs are made to hold people when they feel the need to sit down. Chairs are one of the most basic needs on a wedding day, and without them, the guests would be scratching their heads wondering how that simple item was missed.

Before we list the different types of chairs you can rent, let us explain the different types of service you can receive when you rent chairs from a rental company.

Types of chair rental service:

1. Pick up yourself

This will require a vehicle or trailer big enough to hold all the chairs you need and maybe a couple people to help load and carry. You will then have to drive them to the venue, unload them, and set them up yourself. Then when everything is over, you will have to clean them up yourself and return them. Obviously, this is the budget option, and the chairs are not always in the best shape since there are so many different people handling them. It also requires the most labor on your end.

2. Drop off

The chairs are dropped off and picked up for you, but you will need to set them up and clean if needed.

3. Full service

The chairs are delivered, set up, and cleaned up all by the rental company. This is the option that we like best in order to serve our brides and grooms and keep our equipment pristine. We also clean each chair after setting up. (We will occasionally offer option 2, but we never allow customers to pick up our equipment themselves in order to keep everything in good shape.) Ty's is one of the only companies that only offers full service. That means we're experts in setup and determining what will work best for you. Your guests will also notice the professional setup.

When you are comparing prices among rental companies, be sure to see what option of service they are providing as well as what type of chair they are offering.

Types of chairs:

1. Metal folding chair

This is the most basic type of chair you will find. Sometimes you will also have the option of renting chair covers, which would be an extra cost. You have seen these chairs before at school events, church or fairs. They're not the most comfortable and tent to be old and rusty.

2. Metal fan back chair

This is still a basic option but looks better than the plain metal folding chair. They usually come in white, brown or black. They're a lightweight option and not the most comfortable, hard to clean and can be rusty. They also are not the most stable on lawns. These are very common grad party chairs because of the price and simplicity.

3. Plastic and metal chair

This is a more comfortable option than a metal chair, but they might not provide the wedding look you are going for. They're very stable and have a plastic large white seat and back. These are the lifetime chairs you may see at grad parties.

4. Wood wedding chair

These look much like their resin counterparts (option 5), but they are a lot less durable and after a few years the paint fades and cracks off. They do give a nice rustic look for a wedding ceremony.

5. White resin wedding chair

This is the type of chair we offer. They are strong and durable, but still look excellent as the classic wedding chair. They also clean well, allowing us to provide actual white chairs at every wedding. They include a soft pad for extra comfort and fold for easy portability. They're stable and have more surface area on the legs which help them stay on top of the grass or soft dirt.

6. Chiavari chair

This type of chair is the most elegant option but also the most expensive. They come in a variety of colors and styles. They don't fold, so they are more difficult to transport. They're typically seen in indoor venues or California outdoor weddings. Their comfortable seat, high back and range of styles make them popular for high end weddings.

When deciding on chairs keep all this info in mind. It's easy to go right to the lowest price option but remember the labor involved, style, look, presentation, and guest comfort during the wedding day all make a difference.

This concludes our rundown of wedding chairs typically seen at outdoor wedding in MN/WI area. Please ask us for additional details!

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