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Updated: Apr 1

Thank you for inviting us to see the wedding property! The property will work well and we would enjoy serving on the big day! After the visit we expect questions from you so ask them all. Our goal is to provide you with plenty of information so you feel very comfortable knowing what to expect from us.

We suggest you have a meeting together as a couple or family to discuss. Keep in mind all the fine details don't need to be figured out at this point. That's part of the process. There will be many opinions on how to go about planning the wedding day so take everyone's ideas and then decide what's most important. If you get stuck on something ask us!

If you still need prices on our packages or add-on services email/call us to request an updated quote.

Once you're ready to book the process will go like this.

-Tell us you're ready to book.

-We will create the invoice for you to approve.

-Once you approve it we will send out the contract for you and the property owner. If you're the property owner then only one contract will be sent.

-The deposit amount is 25% of the invoice. The contract shows a few different ways to pay but a check in the mail is the most common.

-After the deposit, and contracts are in we will confirm the date is booked.

Let's say you want to add services after the booking is complete. That's very common and there is no additional deposit needed. Keep in mind add-ons are not guaranteed to be available as another wedding could book those services.

In the months that follow the booking, we would enjoy answering any questions that come up. Our experience with outdoor weddings at homes, cabins, farms, and parks is something you can tap into.

You might not have this in the front of your mind but we talked briefly about the fact that we would also be there serving on the wedding day. This is one of the unique qualities of working with us. We're serving in the background touching up the restrooms, putting on sidewalls, setting up chairs, cleaning up trash (add-on), and much more depending on your needs.

It's the start of your marriage! We think it's really neat we can be there at the very beginning!

Below is a contract example for you to review.

Contract Example

The "Company" Ty's Wedding Rental & Services LLC

I (the "Client" hereinafter) hereby agree as follows:

Event Date

The Client agrees that the Event is on Saturday, 2024.

Invoice Approval

The Client has read and agrees to all the rental items and services listed on the Company Invoice #. The Company will provide the rented items and services and perform duties along with our Contractors. Original invoice total before tax $ 25% non-refundable total $

Invoice Adjustments

The Client agrees that the amount of chairs, tables, linens, and dinnerware, may be decreased up to 10 days before the event. Additions to the invoice are allowed but need to be approved by the Company to ensure availability.

Financial Responsibility

The Client shall pay the entire invoice including sales tax and fees. There will be an invoice sent to the Client for cleaning, damages, or replacement costs associated with not following the company contract which shall be paid on receipt.

Payment Timeline

1. The Client agrees to pay the non-refundable 25% deposit.

2. The balance will be calculated after the phone meeting approximately 10 days prior to the Event.

3. The final payment is due by 5pm the Tuesday before the Event.

4. If the full payment is not made before the Event, services will be canceled.

Payment Methods

The Company accepts paper checks, E-check, cash, and credit. There will be a 2.99% fee added when using credit. Ty's Wedding Rental and Services 11655 120th St. N Stillwater, MN 55082.


When the Client Contract and Property owners Contract is completed, the next step is to pay the 25% non-refundable deposit. There is a 6-business day window to finish the process. If any part of the booking process is not completed, the client invoice is canceled. The date is only booked once the Company sends a confirmation email to the Client.

Rental Items & Services

The Client shall use the rented items and services for their intended purpose and shall not modify them or attach items on the equipment unless approved by the Company. The Client is financially responsible for any damages that occur to the items from themselves, the property owners, animals, and guests. The Client shall share our policies with other hired companies and vendors, so that they don't damage the items. There will be a cost to fix or replace the equipment which is due on receipt of the invoice. The Client shall inspect the equipment prior to use and understands the equipment is on an "as is" basis with all faults and acknowledges they must contact the Company with any defects.


The Client shall not modify, attach, or lay any items, equipment, supplies, decor, people, or animals to any of the tent structures. This includes placing or laying anything against the tent poles or sidewalls. The tent structure includes the white tent top, center poles, side poles, perimeter valance, straps, stakes, lighting, sidewalls, and all other items related to the tent. If you plan to place structures or large items under the tent that will not touch the tent, they all need to be approved by the Company. No motorized vehicles are allowed under or around the tent structure.

Mowing, Spraying, Fogging, & Watering

The client shall not cut the lawn in any way or spray in and around the company equipment. Mowing shall take place 1 day prior or more to our arrival. Bug spraying if applicable shall take place at least one week prior to our arrival. Fogging services shall be at least 40' from the company equipment.

Fires, Smoking, Heating, & Cooking

The Client shall not have fires closer than 75 feet from the company equipment, and services. Candles on the tables need to be approved by the company. Tiki torches, bug zappers, or similar items shall be at least 15 feet away from the company equipment. Smoking is not allowed in and around the tent structures, rented items, or services. The Company heating package is the only heating source approved for the tents. Cooking of food via grills, bbq rosters shall not be under the tents and must be at least 35 feet away unless approved by the Company. Catering steam tray chafers with gel fuel are allowed

Replacement of Malfunctioning Items

The Client shall not use Company equipment if they becomes unsafe or in disrepair for any reason, they will discontinue use and notify the Company. The Company doesn't have replacements standing by. If there is damage to equipment from a prior event the Company will attempt to source replacement equipment.

Service Staff

The Client shall allow the Company employees, staff, and contractors on the property to perform a variety of duties before and after the Event. They may come and go as needed. On the day of the Event, they will wear appropriate uniforms. The Company has general liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto in Minnesota/Wisconsin to perform our duties on the Event property. Our staff is not allowed to consume or serve alcoholic beverages.

Water, Wind, Severe Weather, & Personal Safety

The Client agrees that the weather is unpredictable and having an outdoor Event means they may have to contend with the elements. A tent is not a dry shelter. There potentially may be water coming down the center poles, falling to the ground on the sides, blowing in, dripping from the canopy, or flowing into the tent. Condensation from dew or fog can form on the underside of the tent and then rain down until it's had a chance to dry. This same condensation can form on any of the equipment. We suggest table linens and table decor be set up late morning on the Event day. Wind can cause table decor and outdoor decorations to blow away. Keep this in mind when planning.

The Client shall monitor the weather and agree that tents and other small structures are not severe weather shelters. When the winds gust at 35mph or more, everyone in and around the tent and company equipment is at risk for bodily harm. None of the equipment can be used as a severe weather shelter. The Client shall create a severe weather plan with the property owner.

The Client shall take full responsibility for the safety of their guests before, during, and after the Event.

Property Access

The Client shall allow the Company and Contractors 24-hour-a-day access to the property the week of the event and the week after to complete our duties. All property improvement projects shall be completed before arrival. The client shall have trees trimmed so that a 14-foot high and 8.5-foot wide vehicle can pass without hitting obstacles to the unload area seen during the property visit. If the Company and Contractors are delayed in our setup tasks due to the property not being ready, vehicles in the way, or projects underway, a $500/hour charge will be due on receipt, and there is a great possibility of the Company not completing tasks on time.


The Property Owner shall keep all animals and livestock away from the Company's equipment. Dogs and pets shall remain locked up until the setup and take down duties are complete.

Underground Utilities

The Company will schedule a utility to locate the main services installed by power/gas providers. All private electrical, water, gas, sprinkler, dog lines, and other underground utilities shall be marked by the Client and Property Owner. The Company is not responsible for damage to utilities that are not marked. The Client shall be held liable for any personal harm that comes to Company Employees or Contractors if utilities are hit. The company is not responsible for damage to underground equipment.

Electricity & Water

The Client shall provide the Company with the necessary power requirements and water supply.

Property Wear & Damages

The Client shall replace or repair damage caused by vehicles, trailers, hand carts, Company equipment to the property grounds. The tent requires stakes to be placed into the ground and holes will be left behind once taken away. The Client understands trucks and trailers may leave marks on the lawn or driveway. There could be significant wear or damage to the ground under and around the tent, restroom trailer, and other high-traffic areas. The Company is not responsible for repairing or replacing damaged/destroyed parts of the property or items.


An estimated timeline will be discussed before the Event. The weather, other events, Client timeline, travel, Company staffing, services, and unknown & known circumstances can affect the Company timeline.

Event Satisfaction

The Client event satisfaction shall not be the responsibility of the Company. There is no guarantee of a flawless day as there are many moving parts. The Client is responsible for all aspects of the Event.

Photo Release

The Client shall release any photo or video taken on the property that can be used for Company marketing purposes.


1. Add-on items can be canceled with no fee 4 months or more before the Event. There will be a $100 flat rate charge for each add-on canceled 4 months or less before the Event.

2. If the Event is canceled for any reason by the Client 6 months or more before the Event, the deposit is not returned.

3. If the Event is canceled for any reason by the Client less than 6 months before the Event, there will be a fee equal to the deposit amount of the original invoice that is due on receipt. (This means the Client will have paid 50% of the original invoice before tax.)

4. If the Event is canceled for any reason by the Client after the final payment is made, there will be no refund.

5. The Client may NOT transfer the Event or deposit to another property, or client.

Liability Waiver Clause


In consideration for the services provided by Company under this agreement, each undersigned Client expressly agrees as follows, taking action individually and intending to bind himself or herself and his or her successors, executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, and assigns:

I, the undersigned Client, by my signature below, hereby release, waive, and discharge Company and its members, officers, employees, and representatives from any and all claims and demands Client has or may have of any nature rising from the rights and responsibilities created under this Agreement and the Company’s performance of this agreement attributable either directly or indirectly to the negligence of the Company or its members, governors, officers, employees, or representatives, including, but not limited to, claims and demands for economic damages, non-economic damages, special damages, incidental and consequential damages, property damage, specific performance, personal injury, disability, and death, and I, the undersigned Client, shall indemnify and hold harmless, and promise not to sue, the Company or its members, governors, officers, employees, or representatives for any and all of the claims and demands described. This Waiver and Release of Liability shall not be construed to apply to any willful, intentional, or wanton acts of the Company or its members, governors, officers, employees, or representatives, but this Waiver and Release of Liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

Thank you!

Ty's Wedding Rental & Services LLC thanks you for reading this contract. Our goal is that it can be informative and help the Client with the planning process and answer a few questions. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

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