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Wedding Electrical Power Needs

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

We enjoy answering questions and one we wish our couples and property owners would ask more often is how much power do I need. We typically bring it up during our property visits but it gets put on the back burner until the wedding day.

Waiting until the big day is not the best idea. You will be busy taking care of other tasks, getting ready, meeting friends and family and hosting. Power is something in the background that we don't think about until...

Let's make a plan far in advance so you can ensure the lights, music and other services continue to function as expected.

When it comes to Ty's services here are common items we need plugged in. The final list depends on your specific wedding.

  • Tent lighting: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • Luxury Restroom Trailer: Two 15-20amp dedicated outlets.

  • Sound system: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • Coffee bar: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • Fans: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

What is a dedicated outlet?

  • First find the circuit breaker panel inside the house, garage, or shed. See which outlets each breaker (15 or 20amp) is providing. It may be providing power to 5 outlets.

  • Then find the outlets it's providing and see what's plugged in.

  • If there is a refrigerator, lights, or other equipment currently operating the line is in use.

  • Either unplug items that you don't need or find another line.

  • A dedicated line has no other appliances pulling power from it.

What can happen if I hookup to a line that already has other appliances or lights running? You have a very high risk of overloading the 15-20amp breaker. If it does overload it will trip the breaker shutting off power to that line. For example the restroom trailer is staying cold because of it's AC unit. It's hooked up to the kitchen breaker. Someone decides to warm up an item in the microwave. Click the breaker trips as we have overloaded the line. This is quite a bit more noticeable if it happens to the lights or sound system.

Other services beyond Ty's that may require power.

  • Photo booth: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • 3 crock pots on low: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • 1 large roaster: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • Small coffee machine: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • DJ: One or two 15amp dedicated outlets.

  • Band: Two-four 15amp dedicated outlets possibly more.

  • Bar: One 15amp dedicated outlets depending on services.

  • Additional lighting on the property: One 15amp dedicated outlet.

  • Guests campers who need power: One at a minimum 15amp dedicated outlet per camper.

Make a list of all services needing power. Then pick an outlet for each service ensuring it's dedicated. Then on the wedding day put someone in charge of making sure the service plugged in is what they planned for. Family and friends in a rush will pull power from the most convenient spot. It won't be convenient when the lights or music shut down later in the evening so plan for it now.

If you're short on power contact us ASAP to learn more about our quiet generator packages.

Have a great day!

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