Coffee bar display at a Wedding Reception

Scandinavian Coffee
Fresh Brew

We're excited to offer a fresh brew Nordic coffee experience! 


Scandinavian blend beans are roasted to a medium level to accentuate the deeper, warmer flavor tones of the coffee. The result is a delicious cup that rings with earthy, chocolatey notes and medium body.   

Serving Attendant

Our hot beverage attendant is busy brewing and talking with your guests.  Guess what!  After the main rush they walk around the tables and top off their cups.

Available as add on with our Tent, Barn, Mini wedding packages.

Under 200 guests


What's Included?

Dinner Hour Self-Serve Bar

Serving attendant stocking the bar and talking with guests

Fresh Brewed Scandinavian blend coffee

Fresh Brewed decaf coffee

An assortment of toppings


Hot apple cider (September-October)

Insulated paper cups with lids


Dessert Hour

Wait staff member topping off coffee at the guest tables