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Coffee bar display at a Wedding Reception

Scandinavian Coffee

We're excited to offer a fresh brew Nordic coffee experience! 


Scandinavian blend beans are roasted to a medium level to accentuate the deeper, warmer flavor tones of the coffee. The result is a delicious cup that rings with earthy, chocolatey notes and medium body.   



What's Included?

Dinner Hour Self-Serve Bar

Serving attendant stocking the bar

Scandinavian blend coffee

Colombian blend coffee

Decaf coffee

Tea bags and cocoa packets


Hot apple cider (September-October)

Insulated paper cups with lids


Why Hot Beverages?

This is an easy service to overlook and think it's not essential.  It's an added bonus that truly completes the meal and desserts.  In the months of May, September, and October I would say hot drinks are essential as the evenings get cool and everyone will enjoy a warm up.  Our coffee is brewed fresh on site and we always get complements on how good it is.  The kids or non-coffee drinkers will enjoy hot chocolate and tea.  The hard core coffee drinkers will lean over and tell us they would have gone crazy without a caffeine boost.  This serve adds to the overall experience and serves the people you most care about.    

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