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Rectangle 8'

These are the most common and in demand table size.  8 guests fit comfortably and they're efficient on space under a tent or in a shed.  You may need additional tables for the buffet line, displays, DJ, and more.  $20/table. 


Sweetheart Farm

The day is about the both of you! Why not highlight that fact with the Sweetheart table that's 7' long and 40" wide.  The table is rustic yet elegant and will fit with any style of wedding.  $85


Glass High Top

The chrome stand and 23" glass top has a great look and can go just about anywhere.  $25



Our linens are pressed, clean and high quality.  They have a 15" drape over the rectangle and round tables.  Choose white, black, beige, or ivory.  Specialty colors by request.  $17

Coworkers plan work

Round 5'

The round tables are great for conversation and also hold 8 guests while enjoying a meal.  $20/table.


Tan High Top

The folding 33" wide high top table is a wonderful addition to a wedding or event.  It provides a casual place for conversation, food, and beverages.  $20


Vintage Table

90% of the time this table is being used during the ceremony displaying items like the sand ceremony or candles.  It's also used as a welcome table holding programs or guest gift items.  $45


Just think of the stories that will take place at the wedding reception tables.

 When you think of reception tables, usually the first thing that comes to mind is food.  But what really happens at the tables is conversation.  Family and friends from all over are gathered together, and it's refreshing to see talking rather than people checking their phones.  It's a time to get away from the busy life and strike up good conversations. 


We often see the parents, grandparents, and close family sitting right next to the head table.  At one location we had the unique chance to talk with a grandma who was born in Germany.  She talked our ear off, and it was wonderful.  We always encourage couples to fit the older generation into their wedding day plans.  Their wisdom and stories are priceless!

Please visit our blog for additional real stories and helpful information. 

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