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Lighting Upgrades

As the sun goes down the inside of the tent turns into a new enchanting experience.  The perspective changes and part two two of the reception has begun.  It's dark outside and the space inside has come to life in a new way.  The warm glow string lighting comes with all the tents.  You could add up lighting, outdoor lighting, projector mapping, a designer as examples.  Let's see what would work best for you!

Globe String Lighting

These warm glow lights start at the perimeter of the tent then go up to the center poles and back down making a V pattern.  They look wonderful.  Included with the Tent Wedding Package and Mini Tent Package.  


Up lighting

If you would like to add a dramatic effect in the tent or barn the Up lighting package will do just that.  The lights are placed around the perimeter in any color you wish. $80/light



Real candles are timeless and create a comfortable, elegant, yet rustic atmosphere during dinner. $14/table



Let's light up the cake, food line, display table with spotlights.  You can focus the light on anything you wish.  $40/light. 

Pin Spotlight.jpg

Wall Wash

Behind the wedding party we place lighting in any color you choose.  They wash the wall or ceiling surface of the tent or barn.  They create a wonderful backdrop to the most important people.

Wedding Tables

Projector Mapping

This is for those who want to go all out!  Projector mapping places an image or design on the underside of the tent, or a structure  It's quite amazing!  Coming soon! 

Vintage Movie Projector
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