Dance Floor

The New England Plank floor is smooth and comfortable.  The 4'x4' squares lock together and float over the grass, hard surface or inside venues. 

For 100 guests or less a 16'x16' floor will do.  With higher counts a 16'x24' or 28' would be best.

16'x16' $650
16'x24' $750
16'x28' $825


The Dance Floor Story

 In the fall under a large reception tent was a 16'x24' dance floor.  After the ceremony, the guests started to mingle inside the tent for the social hour.  Snacks and drinks were served as the catering crew prepared the food line tables on the dance floor.  Once dinner was served, the bride and groom were the first to enter the line.  They had huge smiles as they placed the mashed potatoes, pork, beef, carrots, rolls, and salad on their plate.  We're not sure if they actually had time to eat it all, but they were super hungry after a busy day.  

Once everyone had their fill, and uncle so-and-so was finished going through the line for the 4th time, the catering crew took down the line.  Friends and family giving the toasts stood in the middle of the dance floor.  We swept and cleaned the floor so it was looking great.  Then the DJ announced the first dance.  

The father daughter dance was a huge surprise!  It wasn't a slow dance as you might expect, but it was fast, crazy, and choreographed!  Everyone was cheering, and by the time they were done, both father and daughter were so tired they could hardly breath.  Big hugs and cheers all around.  It was hard for the mother and son dance to even compete with that last act.  The remainder of the night the floor was packed with guests overflowing into the grass on the edges.  The dance floor was used to to the fullest!

When everything was cleaned up on Monday, and the tent, tables, and chairs were gone, the only thing left was the large square imprint in the grass of where the dance floor once lay.  It's a remnant of a wonderful celebration.