Trash Cleanup Crew

What a mess!  We know trash is not that fun to talk about, but it is one of the top missed services.  At weddings we serve, we often notice the lack of proper trash receptacles and people to clean.

Our cleaning staff comes during the social hour through 10:30 pm.  They pick up trash around the property, empty the bins we provide, and clear all plastic dinnerware plates, cups, and cutlery.  


-Included with the Barn/Shed Wedding Package

A Cleanup Story

 We served a lake wedding where the couple was having a Hawaiian theme.  The food, decor, and location coordinated with this theme.  The couple asked us about our trash cleanup package and wondered if we could separate their bamboo plates from the items that needed to be thrown away.  Our job was to clean up the property and clear the dinner tables, and we were happy to set aside their bamboo plates so that they could reuse them.  We also provided the trash bins and liners.  The caterers were so happy someone else could clean and stay until the end of the evening.  

The mother of the bride approached us late in the evening and said it was amazing how well picked up everything was!  Without us, the property would have been a disaster in no time.