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Vendor Coordinator

The Hand Off

The vendor coordinator is the go-to person for all your hired vendors.  We become their new point of contact the week of the wedding.

Hand Reaching Out

We Contact Them

The week of the wedding is when the vendor coordinator contacts all your vendors and becomes they're main point of contact.  We talk about their duties, timeline, needs, questions, and solve issues. 

Mobile Phone


The vendor coordinator gathers information from you roughly 10 days prior to the wedding.  We need vendor contacts, duties and timelines.  Then we talk about the logistics and offer tweaks and solutions.

Planning a Wedding

The Day Has Arrived

The vendor coordinator is on site meeting and directing the vendors.  We monitor the timeline and assist if needed to ensure a smooth day.  We solve issues that may come up so you can focus on celebrating!  Contact us for more details!


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