Wedding Rental Provider
for Backyards, Cabins, Farms, Parks
 Bringing everything together
 If you're like us, we enjoy celebrating!

Family Owned

Every weekend our staff and owners are on site for most of the wedding day.







We're innovative, smart, and always looking for ways to improve outdoor weddings and the communities we serve.


We take pride in our equipment and the services we provide.


We have a blast serving at many unique locations and are flexible to meet specific needs. 

Love Weddings

We enjoy the big celebration!  We hope you are excited about the wedding day and especially the marriage to come!


Just think if almost all the services, rentals, and providers you needed for your wedding were from the same company.  That's us!  Your All-in-One Provider.


Wedding Focused

Our focus is on outdoor weddings, especially ones at homes, backyards, farms, cabins, and parks.

Who is Ty's Wedding Rental and Services?

We are a unique, family owned business, who takes a bird's eye view of the wedding day by bringing together many services all working in accord for the same goal.

Hello, my name is Ty!  My wife and I would like to say hello and congrats on your upcoming wedding!  We're big on marriage and started the business because we enjoy serving people.  We built the business on serving, not just providing equipment and leaving.  We run the sound equipment, take video, host, coordinate, and clean.  What better way to serve than by enjoying one of the most important days in two peoples’ lives!


Imagine attending and serving at weddings each weekend for the past 8 years?   We have seen many different types of weddings and have developed our business to reflect practical needs specific to outdoor weddings.  Our goal is to help your day run smoother because of our experience.  After their wedding day, we don’t want our couples saying that they wish they knew more about what to expect planning an at-home wedding.  We're here to help you plan.  You don't have to figure it all out on your own.  Use our knowledge base to create a wedding day that works best for you, your fiance, family, and guests.


One of the first items on the rental list may be a white wedding pole tent.  We have plenty in all sizes.  How are you going to decide what size you need?  Great communication with us and potentially a property visit will help you decide.  Other required items are wedding chairs and tables.  We carry white resin wedding chairs with a soft pad for comfort.  Our tables range from 8’ banquet tables to 60" round.  As the wedding day plans unfold, you may be interested in other rentals and services like a dance floor, tent lighting, power, trash clean-up, luxury restroom trailer, coordination, dinnerware rentals, and much more.  


Outdoor Wedding Reception Tent
Luxury Wedding Restroom Trailer
Bride & Groom

Another must item is restroom services.  We went for the best option, which impresses guests and has them thanking you for the extra consideration.  The luxury restroom trailer has locking doors, AC, sinks, a sound system, and is decorated and cleaned.

Our core services might seem to be the rentals, but keep in mind all our services were developed to meet a need that we determined was necessary after being a part of so many weddings.  We found that having a wedding at the cabin or home is totally unique, but extra help is usually needed so that family and friends can enjoy the day.  To meet this need we added services like ceremony sound, DJ's, hosts, coordinators, photographers, videographers, and catering services.  Our day-of wedding coordinator can take care of all the little details on your wedding day.  The added expense is more than worth it.  Our team works as one with the coordinator and each other; this is just one of the reasons to book multiple services with us. 


Finally, thank you for considering Ty's Wedding Rental and Services!