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Day of Coordination

The Hand Off

The package starts with common aspects like the month before check-in, meetings, property walk-through, vendor details, day of tasks, and coordination.


Every wedding and couple is unique.  That's quite obvious but many packages out there are a bit cookie cutter in regards to their approach.


What if a couple doesn't need help with the ceremony lineup and rehearsal?  They may say I'm good with my timeline but want to make sure my family is not lifting a finger.  How will we know what's most important to you if there is no discussion?          

One Month Check-in

This phone meeting with your coordinator will be wonderful!  It's time to explain your plans, focus on your vision, and talk again about the most important aspects you have hired us for.  We also have helpful tips and some homework.  This is a good time to see if your timeline needs tweaking.  

The week has arrived

Your wedding is a few days away!  We contact your vendors to check-in and become their new point of contact.  If you have any updates or questions send them over. 

Set up Tasks

This is one of the best parts!  You're busy, family is busy and we're busy setting up some of your decor.  Every couples needs are different and the coordinator asks for a list and gives pointers on how to organize and prepare. 

What if you give us to much work and we can't complete everything in time along with the other coordination aspects?  The coordinator keeps track of the duties and will say we're not able to take care of that.  You don't want to overload a coordinator with to many set up tasks either because they will be pulled away from your vendors or guest duties.   

Not Included

There are things this coordinator package doesn't cover.  For example food/drink preparation and serving, vendor planning, floral arranging, MC & music playlists, complex decor set up,  transporting guests or goods, and more.  Your coordinator will explain if something is not covered. 

The Discussion

Once a couple is interested in the package the first step is a chat about what's most important and why they're excited to have a day of coordinator.  We also learn what things they don't need help with.  It's good for us to know your concerns and communication style.  Every couple is skilled differently so being honest with us helps paint the overall picture of your needs.  This discussion happens before the package is booked. 

10 Day Check-in

Brew some coffee as we're excited to go over all the details!  Let's walk through the wedding day from start to finish.  It's time to nail down important items during the day, talk about set-up tasks, get your vendor list, and give you pointers. 

The Rehearsal

Not every couple needs us for the actual rehearsal.  This is a special evening with the most important people you know.  Steering the ship of the rehearsal can surly be done by you, family, or a friend.     

If you want our help we will lead!  Either way you choose we would still like to visit the property for a walk through. 

Wedding Day

The coordinator and assistant arrive with a smile ready to help make the day a huge success!  They're plan for the day is totally unique because you and your wedding is one of a kind.  If issues come up they have the experience to give tips or solve it.        

Your Team

Your team is experienced and has the skills to take on your day.  They have been through many situations and can anticipate needs while suggesting solutions before they're a problem.  

The package is custom fit to what's most important to you.  If we see a need that you haven't addressed we will mention it.  Our experience will prompt us to share tips and ideas you may not have thought about.


Our rental and coordination teams work together meaning you have many experts contributing to the overall success of the wedding day.  We're excited to talk to you!


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