Luxury Restroom Trailer

A clean, cool, and fully stocked Wedding Restroom Trailer with all the comforts of home.


-14' Restroom Trailer

-Accommodates over 350 guests

-Air Conditioning/Heat

-Hot water sinks

-Sound system

-Bright LED lighting

-Men's and Women's rooms

-Emergency care kit

What's Required  

-Trailer parked on a level surface
-Two 15 amp power supplies
-H2O supply via garden hose

-100' from utilities



-Rustic off the grid Package

-Black-Tie Attendant Package


All bookings include restroom cleaning by our staff.  

Commonly said by the Bride and Groom:

-"We had so many compliments on the restroom trailer, and it was one of most appreciated services on the wedding day!"

-Guests went in there before needed just because the other guests said "hey check it out"

-We didn't know they would be so nice inside!

-The bridesmaids used the restroom trailer instead of the house, crazy!

-We saw people taking selfies inside the restroom trailer!


Key note: 

We take great pride in providing a clean inviting restroom that's maintained through the evening. 


We encourage you to message us for additional deails as there are many!

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