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Restroom Trailer Information

Dimensions & Parking

The unit is 17' long x 10' wide x 11.5' tall when set up.  Parking it on a gravel, or paved roadway is best or just off the road in the grass. 

Water Required

Roughly 150 gallons is required via a garden hose.  We fill the internal tank of the restroom and then the garden hose goes away.   If water is not available please ask for our water option. 

Guest Care Baskets

We also place guest care baskets in each room.  They have a variety of items commonly needed on the wedding day.  The basket may include.  First aid kit, baby wipes, deodorant, lip balm, lotion, eye drops, contact solution, gel, floss, sunscreen, bug spray wipes, and anti-itch cream to name a few. 

Power Required

Two 15-amp dedicated power outlets.  If the temp is cool and the heaters are turned on then in total four 15-amp dedicated power outlets.  The unit needs to be within 100' of power.  We provide the 100' cords.  Ask about our power generators if needed. 


Supplies like toilet paper, hand towels, facial tissue, and soap are provided.  These items are re-stocked by us during the event so nothing runs low and you can stay focused on your guests. 

We clean

During your event we touch up the rooms during the evening.  This is huge!  Most other restroom companies drop off and set it up.  Then come back a few days later.   We're there maintaining the wonderful rooms.  It's something a little extra that your guests will appreciate.     

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