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Tent Wedding Package

We're excited to help you build your own wedding on a property you love!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could take more off your plate?


Dance Floor

Planning on turning up the music?  The dance floor is always needed and has a clean smooth surface for your guests to let loose!  The transition edges make it easy to walk on and off.  Over 120 guests? We suggest 16'x24'.


-16'x16' floor $650

-16'x24' floor $750

-16'x28' floor $825



Lighting additions help guests navigate the property, set the evening mood, or highlight important items. 

-Spot lights $30/light

-Up lights $50/light

-Parking lot light tower $850

-Projector Mapping $3-6K

Pin Spotlight.jpg

Food Planner

We have noticed that one of the hardest vendors to find and figure out is for the food.  The food planner package helps you find, book, and coordinate all aspects of the meal.  

We're experts in outdoor weddings and have seen just about everything so are excited to offer our help!


-Food Planner $650

Modern Wedding

DIY Pro Sound System

We provide and setup the high quality sound equipment and you provide the music via Spotify. 

Our sound tech runs the system for the ceremony and then transitions it to the reception space where you take over the duties of playing the music and being the MC. 


-Wedding day sound $750

Mixing System

Horse Trailer Bar

This neat vintage horse trailer has been converted into a mobile bar.  You provide the beverages and the bartenders serve.  


Trash Bussing

This option is included with the dinnerware package but can also be reserved on it's own.  It starts with 3 commercial trash bins and bags placed on the property. 

The second part is a bussing staff member cleaning up disposables from the social hour to 10:30pm.  They walk the property looking for trash and during dinner buss the guests tables.  When the trash bins fill up they take the bags out and place them where you wish.

-Trash bussing $625

-Trash disposal add-on $250


Scandinavian Coffee

Here's the deal, Ty likes coffee and hot beverages and noticed how many forget or don't think it's important at a wedding.  We're asked often do you know if there is coffee with the desserts?

We not only provide fresh brewed coffee but have tea packets and cocoa along with toppings.  We setup a display with composable insulated cups, Scandinavian blend, dark blend, and decaf. 

Our beans are roasted to a medium level to accentuate the deeper warmer flavor tones with earthy, chocolatey notes. 


-Scandinavian coffee bar $650


Mosquito Fogging

These little things can suck the joy right out of the day.  How about we fog the property the morning of the wedding.  The fog is safe for pets and drifts through the bushes, trees, and grass. 

-Mosquito Fogging $110

Stage Mist

High Tops

The 33" wide table is a wonderful addition to the social hour and reception.  4-7 tables is the perfect amount.  

Each table fits 3-4 people standing and they can be placed outside of the tent creating a relaxing space for guests to enjoy. 

-High top table $20 



Who wants to clean and iron linens before and after the wedding day?  We can take care of it by providing pressed linens that are lap length. Choose white, ivory, black or beige.  Specialty colors available.  


-Linens $17

-Limited specialty colors $25-60


Farm Tables

They're 7' long by 40" wide and look so nice!  Use one for a sweetheart table or more to seat the entire wedding party.  

They have also served as a welcome table, desserts table, and memorial table. 

-Farm table $85


Vendor Coordinator

The week of the wedding is when this package takes off.  You hand over all your vendors to us and we coordinate their efforts on the wedding day. 

Our couples and parents love it when we're in the background making sure everything is running smoothly. 


-Vendor Coordinator $1,100

Decorated Event Table

Quiet Power

The quiet power generator package is needed often for outdoor weddings.  Power requirements add up with tent lighting, DJ equipment, restroom trailer, hot beverages, and bands.  We take care of the setup, cords, operation, and monitor the generators on the wedding day. 

-Ceremony power $110

-Restroom $325

-Tent $525

-Tent & Restroom $750

-Tent, Band, & Restroom $950


Dinnerware, Water, & Trash Bins

Our dinnerware package fills a big need for those who want something nicer than paper and plastic.  Real dinnerware is strong, elegant, and creates less waste.  The package comes with a white 10" dinner plate, fork, dinner knife wrapped in a thick white paper napkin, 10oz glass goblet.  To top if off we setup everything on the tables, provide water in the goblets and cleanup.  3 large black trash bins also included. 


Follow this link for more details.

White dinner plate (2).jpg

Chair Transition

You could have your guests take a chair from the ceremony location to the tent or have us transition the chairs.  The choice is up to you but we're happy to help! 

-Chair transition $1.75/chair



New for 2024.  The future temp on the wedding day is unknown.  If it's warm we can create wind with our large 6.5' fan!  It's huge but also quiet. 

-Large fan $375



Food Tent

The 20'x20' tent is white and has a high peak like it's big brother tent.  It's used for food service, a bar, lounge area and sometimes a get ready tent! 

It comes with perimeter lighting and has the option of sidewalls. 

-20'x20' Tent $650

-20'x40' Tent $1,200


Wood Bar

In development for 2024.  This rustic bar can be placed under the tent and hold 2 bartenders.  There will also be a bar back and shelves under the unit for supplies.  $450

Wedding bar.webp
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