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Virtual Planner

Think of this person as your professional helper performing tasks and doing the research on your behalf.  This service is unique in that we only perform the tasks you need.  The cost is $35/hr and we use google sheets/docs to give you the information.


The best part is the planner is experienced in outdoor weddings and works in multiple other positions at Ty's Wedding Rental & Services.  


Some couples may need assistance with timeline creation.  We have the best practices and look at other factors like the time of year, location, number of guests, and activities you wish to have. 


The virtual wedding planner is not a designer.  They can give you pointers but the overall vision of the day is in your hands.  If you need a designer the assistant will research and find the right people for the task.  They will not be on site during the wedding day.  The assistant is not guaranteed to be available for all your tasks as this is a project/task based service.        

Vendor Planning

Professional helpers like Ty's Wedding Rental and Services are so important to the overall success of the wedding day.  Other vendors are needed beyond us.  They might include catering, bar service, DJ, bands, florists, decorators, photographers, videographers, and transportation. 

We research according to your needs and then present a few options.  If you want further help the assistant will contact the vendor and explain all the details for them to make an invoice.     

Extra Plans

Need a few ideas for a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, or Sunday brunch?  Your virtual planner could help you with these details.  The above items and tasks are just an example.  You will have specific needs and tasks for us to complete.   

Other Packages

Once the wedding day gets a little closer you may want a day of coordinator or vendor coordinator.  They take over running the show so you don't have to. 

Contact us for more details.

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