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Would you Rather

Tent Wedding Package

-Use many vendors or us?

-Set up the ceremony chairs and reception tables yourself or us?

-Guess a tent size and layout or ask us?

-Put the tent sidewalls on yourself or us?

-Delight your guests with a hot smelly biffy or with our cool, clean, and fresh luxury restroom.

-Set up the tent lighting yourself or us?

-Get a party tent or our high peak pole tent?


-Hope the property works or have us take a look to confirm.

-Figure it out on your own or ask us for tips and best practices. 

-Tell the rain to stay away or ask us how to prepare just in case. 


-Pick up/set up the dance floor yourself or us?

-Iron linens for two days or rent from us? 

-Let the property get cluttered with trash or hire us to buss tables?

-Use plastic dinnerware that breaks or rent our plates, flatware, & goblets?

-Sweat in the heat or rent a few fans from us?

-Eat cupcakes or eat cupcakes with our coffee bar package?

-Let mosquitos feed off your guests or hire us to fog the property?

-Have Grandma lug around her chair from the ceremony back to the tent or book our transition package.   


-Coordinate multiple vendors or just us.

-Coordinate your day while being the star or hand it off to our day of coordinator. 

-Wonder when your vendors are coming or enjoy our detailed phone meeting 10 days before the wedding. 

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