10 ways to know an outdoor wedding is right for you!

Just think the marriage proposal happened a little while ago and already your planning the details! Congrats on making it this far! Typically the date and location is the first steps in creating the big day. How about inside, outside, venue, barn, park, home, cabin, church, or Hawaii? The possibilities are endless.

Here at Ty's we focus on outdoor weddings in Minnesota and western Wisconsin area. The list below shows a few attributes common to our Brides and Grooms.

1. Have a special place in their heart for the property/location.

2. Enjoy the blank slate of possibilities.

3. Adventure and outdoors are one in the same.

4. Have family who are more than ready to help with big projects.

5. Desire to create a unique wedding day that shows off their personalities.

6. List makers who enjoy planning out the details.

7. DIY'ers building and creating unique displays, signs and centerpieces.

8. Flexible and hardworking knowing inviting 150+ guests over is not easy.

9. Deep connection to family and friends in the area.

10. Huge celebration that lasts late with a great marriage to follow!

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