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Do I need Tent Sidewalls?


Our tent wedding package has sidewalls on reserve. This means we have them available if needed. When are they needed is a common question. You won't know until the day of the wedding because the weather is unpredictable. That's why we watch the weather for you and give suggestions.


If the property is wide open wind can cool guests and make them uncomfortable. In the warm months wind is a blessing! If it blows a little to hard we may suggest one side to block it a little bit. If walls are needed due to wind we suggest only one or two sides of the tent.

Ugly something:

If there is a ugly aspect of the property it might be nice to hide it a bit with one wall. For example if the parking area is close by hiding the cars is quite nice. There may be a neighbors property that has junk all over, in that case lets hide it with some walls.


This is where the walls get their full use. Depending on how long the rain event will last and wind direction walls will help divert the water straight down instead of in the tent. The walls will help protect the guests, food, drinks, sound equipment and much more.

Evening dew:

As the sun goes down in MN/WI the wet dew can come into the tent a few feet. If the dance floor is added on we may want to install sidewalls just after dusk to keep the floor dry.


In the cooler months of May, September, and October sidewalls are a great benefit when the evening temp drops. The warmth of the guests or heaters keep the space comfortable into the late night!

Install timing:

The wedding day will be dynamic and that's why our staff installs the sides when needed. The majority of weddings don't end up needing sidewalls and that's typically the goal. For couples who want sides no matter the weather then they're installed in the morning on the wedding day.

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