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Top Reasons You Need a Luxury Restroom

Today we're talking about using a luxury restroom trailer instead of portable toilets specifically at outdoor weddings on a home property.

First, what is a restroom trailer?

They come in many different layouts from simple to luxury. All restroom trailers have these basic features: flushing toilets, AC, inside/outside lighting, and sinks.

The restroom trailer we're talking about today is the luxury restroom trailer as seen in the picture below. We put luxury in the description because of these differences.

White clean exterior

Porch steps with rails (instead of camper style steps)

Individual locking rooms (instead of one room with multiple stalls)

High end interior finish/trim and floor

Decorated, stocked and cleaned by the rental company (very unique to us)

Hot water large sinks

Sound system

Optional heat

Luxury Restroom Trailer
Luxury Restroom Trailer 14' Three station

Now let's talk about the top reason wedding guests love Luxury Restroom Trailers!

-Comfortable and clean.

-The AC is wonderful on a hot day.

-Feels just like the home restroom.

-Added a high end feel to an outdoor wedding.

-The lighting and mirror make it easy to look your best.

-Showed the guests that the couple cared about a necessary service.

-Ease of washing hands.

-Relaxed atmosphere .

-Smells great.

Luxury Restroom Trailer Interior
Inside one of the Women's Rooms

What is a portable toilet?

We have all used these before at the county fair, festival, construction site, or campground. They all look about the same and have one locking door with a pit toilet and urinal. They are often called porta potties.

Here are a few reasons guests don't look forward to using a portable ground restroom.

-Hot and sticky

-Dirty and smelly

-Not as private

-Dark in the evening & hard to find

-Not easy to use with wedding attire

Luxury Restroom trailers elevate the wedding day and provide the guests with a big party favor. We often hear stories of how the guests thanked the bride and groom for the extra effort. It goes a long way in making the wedding day a huge success!

Luxury Restroom Trailer
Luxury Restroom Trailer 14' On The Farm

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