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Do I need Generators for My Wedding?

Believe it or not but power is one of the number one items overlooked. Keep reading if you would like to learn from us on how to properly plan so the lights say on.

When starting the business I didn't anticipate how many at home, farm, cabin weddings would run into power issues. Usually they would arise as the worst time when all the guests are there and something important was happening in the barn or tent.

It all starts soon after the couple become engaged. The family property is one of the top choices, with all the memories and unique features. The time of year and weather is talked about and how many guests. Decoration ideas, shelter, fun lighting a dance over there, dinner served there oh is going to be great!

What if a voice from the heavens said "You may not have enough power" talk to Ty's. That may be an over exaggeration but honestly once the day arrives and everything planned needs to work power tends to be one of those oh no moments as the family scrambles to find more plugs on separate breakers.

At Ty's we learn from others who have come before you and then developed packages to help prepare the bride, groom and property owners for a influx of 100-300 people. We serve on the wedding day and see all that happens and then find common opportunities for us to serve.

Key items to remember now that your thinking about power

Make a list of all equipment and max power requirements for each. =Total expected watts.

In a barn, home, garage, shed you will notice a power distribution box with many black breakers with numbers. Hopefully each one has been labeled so you know which plugs go to each breaker.

A 15 amp breaker can run 1800 watts. 20 amp can run 2200 watts.

Very important note. Typically one breaker leads to 2-5 outlets on the same line. That means even though there are plenty of outlets they all run off the same breaker. A typical garage on average has two 15 amp breakers and 4-8 outlets. How often under normal home conditions are you running multiple large equipment off multiple plugs. The vacuum once in a while, leaf blower. Do you ever have 7 vacuums running at once? Hopefully you see the illustration.

Lets go over a few common power services. This number could increase or decrease of course depending on your specific situation.

-Ceremony sound: 1500 watts

-Barn/tent/shed lighting: 800-2500 watts

-Large refrigerator/freezer or trailer: 1500 watts

-DIY food on your own roasters: 1200 watts each. 4-8 total to serve guests.

-Coffee: 1500 watts

-Band: 3600-8000 watts

-DJ w/LED lights: 2500 watts

-Restroom Trailer: 1800-3600 watts

You could be looking at anywhere between 5000-15,000 watts. Now when looking at the fuse panel see how much supply power you have and make a plan.

Hopefully you can see why we created the power management package.

Have a great day! Plan well!


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