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Where Do I Start?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

You're engaged! Planning and research are underway as everyone is asking when, where, how, and who. "Hold your horses, family and friend. I'm working on it." Prior to the engagement, you most likely had a few ideas and preferences, but now it's time to decide.

We assume you're excited about having an outdoor wedding and have a general idea of what's needed. The hard part is figuring out what you are missing and where you should start.

You might be wondering what is the base equipment and services you need to make it happen?

-Shelter in the form of a tent

-Chairs and tables



-Plenty of power/water available

-Parking area for the guests

-Food, servers, desserts


-Plates, flatware, cups, linens

-Trash bins/cleanup

-Sound system



Where do I start?

1. Wedding date. Pick a season of the year or month for the wedding. If you choose an exact date, it might be sad if we're already booked.

2. Guest count. Estimate the number of guests.

3. The Reason. Write down the reason for the day and what's most important.

4. Your Ideas. List a few quick elements you want to incorporate into the day. For example, ceremony by the oak tree, social hour in the lawn, buffet dinner, DIY, live band, bar, wedding party of 14.

5. Will the property work with the above information? How much space is required? What all do we need? Is this even possible? Price? We're happy to say this is where we come in and can guide you.

6. Talk with us. Let's chat via email or phone about your vision, elements, property, concerns, and requests. We help fill in the gaps, which gives you a better picture of what to expect. Then we visit the property to go into further detail before you book. Most properties work just fine, but there is always a few things we point out.

7. Book with us. Once the property is confirmed that it will work for a wedding, the next step is to talk about any add-ons you may wish to have or need. Our add-on guide is a good place to start. After everything is discussed, we send the invoice and agreement to you. A 25% deposit saves the date!

8. You did it! Typically at this point is when you look into your other vendors. Photographer, Videographer, DJ/band, catering options, bartenders, officiant, vocals for the ceremony, florist, hair & makeup, wedding dress & clothing, photo booth, shuttle, and day of coordinator or vendor coordinator.

9. Dive deeper into your vision for the day and elements that represent you as a couple. Create a mock timeline and write in everything you both want to include related to vendor duties or DIY projects. Examples could include guitarist at the ceremony, appetizers, cupcakes, table decor, favorite games, special songs, grandpa speaking about marriage, or a crazy dance party. Then start looking for the vendors and family/friends who can take care of it. It's very important to delegate so that you don't burn out.

Remember, it's easy to loose track of the reason and vision for the day. If there are items or tasks taking up all your time and pulling you away from what's most important, consider cutting it from your to-do list. This is the one time if your life that so many people you love will all be in the same location, celebrating together.

10. Our add-on services may be needed once all your vendors have been secured. For example dinnerware, linens, food tent, ceremony sound, or coffee bar. Our vendor coordinator package looks really good once the complexity of the day becomes clear. Don't be discouraged if you are feeling overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is way more work then expected, but it's worth it!

11. Next is the little details and DIY projects. Have fun and enjoy the process! Don't forget to make the ceremony a big deal!

-Property preparations, improvements, maintenance, permits and making room for the wedding day elements start after you say it's go time! Property owners like having a wedding because its a good excuse to get things done.

-Updating the timeline, working out the property layout/tent.

-Updating vendors on decisions you have made that effect their services.

-Possibly adding additional elements to the wedding day in the form of DIY projects or vendor add-ons.

-Invites & RSVP gathering.

The list goes on and soon the day will be here! We're more than happy to help you and all we ask is that you reach out.

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